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The exciting 2021 season for Inverse Team Trail running

The Inverse Team Trailrunning team is coming back stronger than ever in 2021, in a new era in which the schedule of the main mountain races begins to return to normal.

The Inverse Team Trailrunning will continue to have the seniority and reliability of many of its members as a major asset in 2021. And as usual, the team continues to strengthen with the addition of promising young talent.

The older members of the Inverse Team Trailrunning continue to prove their worth and remain true to themselves. An example of this is Marta Molist, who while representing the Federation of Catalan Hiking Associations (Federació d’Entitats Excursionistes de Catalunya – FEEC), was crowned Spanish Champion after her participation in the Tenerife Bluetrail Ultra event.

The veterans in the current Inverse Team Trailrunning leaders are also responsible for the leading role played by Rosa Navarro in the Catalan Cup Championship, and the victories and podium finishes by Angels Llobera in his specialist Spanish and international ultratrail races.

And the team will also continue to feature top level athletes including Jessed Hernandez (Tito Jessed), Carlos Cera, Pere Riba, Ona Sociats, Albert Soley, Laura Salas, Ingrid Ruiz, Guillem Campeny, Rosa Navarro and Samuel Dávila. All of them are high-level runners who have been members of the team for several seasons.

The future of Inverse Team Trailrunning is guaranteed with the new additions of Aroa Berenguel and Aniol Pujiula, who are promising youngsters already making a splash in the world of mountain racing.

The team is once again led by Roger Mestre, under the supervision of Inverse’s sports manager Victor del Corral. The team aims to be competitive in all types of mountain races, as it contains outstanding runners competing in both Spanish and international races including the Vertical Kilometre (VK), the Marathon and Half Marathon, and the long-distance Ultra Trail events.

The Inverse trail running team has brought together some of the best mountain runners on the Spanish and international scene since 2014. The team’s primary objective is to promote this great sport which enables participants to come into direct contact with the mountain and with all of nature, achieving the highest possible goals and sports challenges.

A new outfit with a new design

For this new season, the team is once again being outfitted with the proven ULTRA custom trail running apparel range which Inverse offers to professional teams as a comprehensive answer to all their needs in technical trail running wear. The new Inverse Team Trailrunning outfit is based on the colours and designs of the trail jerseys, shorts and skirts in the new range of trail running wear featuring the CAMU and RED CAMU collection. Indeed, the RED CAMU design is what the young talents in the team are wearing.

This team remains very strategically important for Inverse to be able to study, develop and improve all its collectible and customisable garments in its trailrunning clothing range.

The members of Inverse Team Running, consisting of the coach of the Andorran athletics team Marcos Sanza, Carlos Cera and Carles Montlló also took part in the photo and video session for the new season which took place at the Inverse facilities in Mollet del Vallès and at the Sant Miquel de Fai Natural Space.