The Inverse Trail Running Team celebrates its tenth birthday with a new-look team for 2024

Ten years after it created its first team, Inverse presented its new team for 2024 in the incomparable setting of Montserrat.

The Inverse Trail Running Team has always been committed to fostering the careers of promising young runners since 2014. Some of these promising young runners have been members of the mountain race teams representing Andorra, Spain and Catalonia. 

Inverse, the leading brand in custom trail apparel, unveiled its new trail running team in the breathtaking setting of the Montserrat Natural Park, where the majesty of nature meets human determination. The team, which celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2024, combines the energy of promising young runners with the experience of veterans, creating an unstoppable force in the world of trail running.

A Decade’s Commitment to Trail Running

The Inverse trail running team has been a beacon for trail running enthusiasts since its inception in 2014. In its decade-long history, the brand has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to trail running with its constant search for innovation and support for runners.

The Montserrat Natural Park, with its magical mountains providing the backdrop, was the perfect setting for the presentation of the team. Inverse’s commitment to the connection between sport and nature is reflected not only in its high quality products, but also in its choice of iconic locations for significant events.

Young Talents and Veteran Runners: A Winning Combination

Inverse’s new trail running team reflects the brand’s vision of combining youthful energy with the benefits of experience. By recruiting emerging and veteran runners, the team’s line-up seeks to strike the balance between passion and wisdom, creating an environment that is conducive to development and success.

“At Inverse, we believe in the power of diversity on our team. The combination of exciting youth and the wisdom of more experienced runners creates a unique synergy that drives the team forwards,” said the Inverse spokesperson during the presentation.

The new members are the runners Marcel Romaní, Arnau Montiel, Marc Traserra, Sau Domenech, Martina Alemany, Lorena Cubillas, Anna Pujol, Aina Roca and the Frenchman Ludovic Fernández. The veteran Rosa Navarro remains in the team, as well as Sergi Cabeza and Andorra’s Lucas Mouret.

A Special Anniversary at Montserrat

This year sees the tenth anniversary of the Inverse Trail Running Team, and the choice of Montserrat for the presentation was not a coincidence. The sacred magical mountain not only represents the natural grandeur that runners have to cope with in their challenges, but also symbolises perseverance, endurance and a connection to the very essence of trail running.

The team has overcome countless challenges in the past ten years, reaching both symbolic and physical peaks. Each member of the team carries with them not only the Inverse badge, but also the indomitable spirit of trail running.

The Bright Future of Trail Running with Inverse

With its new line-up of runners, Inverse reaffirms its commitment to trail running and the community around the sport. The team will not only be a force to be reckoned with in competitions, but also an inspiration to people looking to immerse themselves in the challenging and rewarding world of trail running.

As we celebrate a decade of achievements and look to the future, the Inverse Trail Running Team stands for the perseverance, passion and determination that characterise this unique sport. With the mountain of Montserrat as the backdrop, the team is embarking on a new era of challenges and triumphs, carrying with it the indomitable spirit that defines trail running.

A spectacular new trail running outfit

At the presentation in Montserrat, the new team wore its new outfit with a spectacular design, which is based on an innovative colour combination to give the outfit enhanced visibility in the mountains: orange and an attractive fluorescent blue colour.

The team’s outfits have been customised based on Inverse’s ULTRA and EXTREM ranges of custom trail running apparel. The PRO Trail Running apparel ranges are a truly comprehensive response to all trail running technical wear needs (sleeved and sleeveless tops, waterproof hooded tops, shorts and pants, trail skirts and short-sleeved suits) for any mountain race – vertical kilometres and long distance events. The EXTREM range is also made with state-of-the-art fabrics for competing in conditions of extreme heat.

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