Maintenance and Washing

At Inverse we want to make your clothes last as long as possible

We know that you make the most of our equipment and that you use them intensively and for a long time. At Inverse we want you to extend the life of your clothes as long as possible.

Technical sportswear is characterized by being manufactured with specific fabrics, for athletes, with various characteristics such as repelling water, maintaining body temperature, increasing breathability…

Sweat and dirt that accumulates on the fabric neutralizes its properties and prevents proper breathability.  

To do a good maintenance of the technical equipment we give you some very useful tips.

Tips and recommendations

Before using the garmentAvoid the contact of the clothes with sunscreens, balsamic liquids or the typical heating products. These products contain chemicals that can rapidly deteriorate technical tissues.
After doing sportsIt is important to wash clothes quickly after playing sports. It should never be stored in a bag without perspiration. If you cannot wash it immediately, it is important to leave it in an open space and soak with water.
Maintenance and washing– Turn clothes inside down before washing
– Close all zippers and buttons
– Wash clothes by machine or by hand without exceeding 30ºC. Never dry clean.
– Use liquid and neutral soaps.
– Never use bleach or fabric softeners.
– We recommend the use of washing bags if you do it by machine
– Rinse thoroughly with water to remove any traces of detergent
– Spinning the laundry is contraindicated. Nor should it be drained or rubbed to remove excess water.
– Do not use the dryer. Clothes should be placed horizontally or extended in the shade, never in the sun.
– Do not iron sports technical clothing.

Always follow the label instructions of our products and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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