The Inverse Team Trailrunning 2022 makes a commitment to promising young mountain runners.

If anything characterises the new Inverse Team Trailrunning in 2022, it is its commitment to discovering and promoting new mountain runners.

The new Inverse Team Trailrunning will be a strong presence with its new recruits in the mountain racing calendar for 2022, which has returned to the customary schedules.

For 2022, the Inverse trail running team has made a firm commitment to recruiting bright young hopes who are already achieving great results.

Sergio Cabeza and Celia Balcells

But as usual, in the 2022 season the Inverse Team Trail team will also include veteran riders who continue to prove their worth: Rosa Navarro (the runner-up in the FEEC Catalan Cup 2021), and Andorra’s Pere Riba, a member of the official Andorran trail team.

Rosa Navarro
Pere Riba and Rosa Navarro

The major attraction for 2022 is undoubtedly the new additions of promising youngsters who have set tongues wagging in the world of mountain racing for some time, and in particular the signing – which was concluded halfway through the 2021 season – of Ïu Net, who was the Vertical Kilometre (VK) World Champion in 2021, no less.

Ïu Net

Equally interesting are the new additions of Celia Balcells (2022 Snow Racing Champion of Catalonia), Sergio Cabeza (third place in the 2021 Catalan Vertical Kilometre Championship) and Gael Álvarez (third place in the 2022 SKIMO Spanish Cup).

Celia Balcells
Sergio Cabeza

The young runners Aroa Berenguel (second place in the 2020 Trail Catalunya Championship) and Aniol Pujiula (fourth place in the Spanish Vertical Kilometre Championship – VK) joined the team in the previous 2021 season.

The team is being led by Roger Mestre, under the supervision of Inverse’s sports manager Victor del Corral. The team aims to be competitive in all types of mountain races, as it contains outstanding runners competing in both Spanish and international races including the Vertical Kilometre (VK), the Marathon and Half Marathon, and the long-distance Ultra Trail events.

The Inverse trail running team has seen the emergence of some of the best mountain runners on the Spanish and international scene since 2014. The team’s primary objective is to promote this great sport which enables participants to come into direct contact with the mountain and with all of nature, achieving the highest possible goals and sports challenges.

Aroa Berenguel
Aniol Pujiula

A new outfit with a new design

For this new season, the team is once again being outfitted with the proven ULTRA and EXTREM custom trail running apparel ranges, which Inverse offers to professional teams as a comprehensive answer to all their needs in technical trail running wear.

This team remains very strategically important for Inverse to be able to study, develop, test and improve all its collectible and custom garments in its range of trailrunning wear.

Inverse presented the team on 11 February at a photograph and video session in the Montbaig Forest Park, located in the natural area around the town of Sant Boi de Llobregat. The emblematic and iconic shrine of Sant Ramon, located at the top of the Montbaig mountain, a magnificent vantage point where visitors can see the Garraf Massif, the Ordal Mountains, Montserrat, Sant Llorenç de Munt, Collserola and even the Montseny mountains, provided the perfect backdrop for the presentation of the team.

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