Gamma: Pulse

Custom running clothes ideal for training and competition. Made of next-generation fabrics that will allow you to perfom at your best.

Gamma: Offroad

Perfect technical clothing to use on asphalt and in the mountains

Gamma: Skimo

The range specialized in ski mountaineering.

Gamma: Kom

Adverse weather conditions will no longer be an excuse with the KOM range of technical running clothing.

Gamma: Gloves

We offer you the perfect gloves for all types of cycling and for running.

Gamma: Ultra

The overall response to all technical trail running clothing needs. Ideal for any mountain race, whether it’s a vertical kilometer or a long-distance event.

Gamma: Warmers

The ideal garments to protect you from the cold, the wind and the sun.

Gamma: Extrem

Trail running clothing made with the latest generation fabrics to compete in extreme heat conditions.

Gamma: For the head

Protect your head from the sun and weather conditions with this wide variety of sports accessories.

Gamma: Enduro

Maximum comfort, strength and durability. Its design and the lightness of the fabrics will allow you to pedal freely on any terrain.

Gamma: Tracker

The Inverse range for gravel lovers.

Gamma: Regeneration

The cycling history adapted to your lifestyle in these garments. Either for your daily routines around the city, to go out and disconnect riding your gravel or to explore your favorite trails with your friends.

Gamma: DH

The Inverse range designed for you to face the descents with maximum comfort.

Gamma: Veloce

Reach maximum speed and break all your records. The ideal range for training and outdoor and indoor competition.

Gamma: Atlantis

The perfect range of swimsuits for training. Its PBT fabric guarantees high resistance to chlorine and saltpeter. Ideal swimsuits for the sea and the pool.

Gamma: Kairos

Versatility and functionality. Ideal for training and for you to enjoy cycling with friends.

Gamma: Tempus

Maximum performance. The perfect range for you to overcome all the challenges.

Gamma: Antares

We care about your safety. We have developed a range of cycling clothing that includes a safety light to increase your visibility on the road.

Gamma: Hard

The HARD range is the ultimate answer to the need to wear high quality technical clothing for obstacle races like the Spartan Race.

Gamma: Work out

The ideal range to meet all the needs of gyms and fitness centres. WORK OUT technical clothing ensures great breathability so you can train for hours comfortably.

Gamma: Air

Inverse’s high-end range designed for maximum competition. Its anatomical FIT pattern will help you perform at your best.

Gamma: Street

Wear your team colors with pride with Inverse casual clothing. Ideal for day to day. The garments in the STREET range are 100% customizable.

Gamma: Kronos

The exclusive range of speed cycling skinsuits. Ideal for time trials, track cycling tests or cyclocross.

Gamma: Training

The perfect range for clubs, companies and institutions to promote sport and give visibility to their colors and designs elegantly. Ideal for day to day and to keep you warm before and after the competition.

Gamma: Terram

The TERRAM range has the perfect products to participate in duathlons and in medium and long distance events in which you use neoprene.

Gamma: Aqua

Its ability to repel water will allow you to glide perfectly through the water and dry quickly. Ideal products for short and medium distance events without neoprene.

Gamma: Style

Special range for cyclists who want to dress loosely and with technical garments.

Gamma: Aeris

Exclusive range for garments designed for long distance triathlons.

Gamma: Nordique

The Inverse range for cross-country skiing and biathlon.

Custom design

Exclusive design
Wear your sport equipment with pride. You are unique and special, and the design team will carry out an exclusive project for you, so that your clothes transmit your personality.


Design gallery
If you need inspiration you can visit our extensive gallery of examples. You’ll find designs of all styles.

View examples

Manufacturing process Once the design and budget have been confirmed, the production of your equipment will begin. In four weeks you’ll have it at home.MANUFACTURING PROCESS


Quotation request


Selection of clothing and sizes


Fully custom design


Start of manufacturing


In 4 weeks you’ll have your clothes at home

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