Short sleeve skinsuit ULTRA

Short sleeve skinsuit ULTRA

Technology and design combined to overcome any challenge.

The upper area has an integral zipper that allows you to open the skinsuit completely. This way you can regulate the ventilation and you will have the aerodynamic advantages of a skinsuit and the comfort advantages of a separate T-shirt and shorts.
The THINK tissue of the body is very light, elastic and breathable. It allows to evacuate sweat quickly to keep the skin dry and avoid overheating. This will allow you to perform to the fullest for longer. At the end of the laser cut sleeves has an inner silicone grip to keep it firm on the arm and prevent air from entering. The structure of its fabric guarantees a good wind flow to increase aerodynamics and optimize all your effort.
Inside the legs also has a grip to prevent the garment from going up during exercise. Around your waist you will find 5 open pockets with the new ISP security system – Inverse Safe Pocket – where you can store any object without fear of losing it. It also has a zippered pocket in the lumbar area.
The new trail running skinsuit ULTRA is perfect to face the most demanding races.

Delivery time

4 weeks

After confirmation

Steps to follow
Minimum units: 10 units
Get size guide
Use temperature range
20 ºC - 35 ºC
200 gr

Abrasion resistance






Nice touch

Slim Fit

Full zip

Top can be fully opened to regulate ventilation

AEREO sleeve with inner grip

Grip on the inside of the leg

Low neck with anatomical shape

Central panel made of non-sublimated fabric highly resistant to pilling

5 pockets at the waist with the ISP system – Inverse Safe Pocket –

Back zip pocket

Anatomical pattern

Made with eco-friendly inks

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