Long distance trisuit TERRAM

Long distance trisuit TERRAM

Ideal for duathlons and in medium and long distance events in which you use neoprene.

The upper part of the trisuit is made of a super light fabric with an open structure that will allow you to quickly wick away sweat. You will be able to perform at your best in long-term tests. The elasticity and lightness of its fabric will allow you total freedom of movement and you will not feel any discomfort during the different stages of triathlon. The neck is finished with the Evolution trim. It is fine and smooth and does not cause any scratching. In addition, it is elastic and adapts perfectly to the neck to prevent as much as possible water from entering during swimming or air during cycling. The sleeves have an inner grip on the cuff so that they are always well adjusted and significantly increase your aerodynamics. In addition, they are essential to protect the shoulders of the sun. The elastic zipper adapts to all positions without being uncomfortable. In the lumbar area there is an elastic grid pocket that quickly expels the water and is very useful for storing the nutritional bars. At the end of the legs it has a microperforated elastic band with a hypoallergenic silicone grip inside. This prevents the sweating from increasing and keeps the garment firmly attached to the leg. All the panels that make up the short-sleeved trisuit have been designed to adapt to all positions and optimize your performance. The flat seams that join them are super resistant and also provide a very attractive design to the garment.

Delivery time

4 weeks

After confirmation

Steps to follow
Minimum units: 10 units
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Use temperature range
20 ºC - 35 ºC
210 gr

Water repulsion









Slim Fit

Micro-perforated round piece with inner grip

Rear mesh pocket

Sleeve with inner grip

Super resistant flat seams

Evolution trim at the neck

Anatomical pattern

Made with eco-friendly inks

Upper part made of breathable fabric

Optional details

Option of front zip or back zip with puller

Wide range of pads

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