The various types of cycling bib shorts for female cyclists

Culotte ciclismo mujer ciclista alpha con tirante desmontable

The big question for a female cyclist is: what type of women’s cycling bib shorts should I choose?

Aesthetics, comfort, usability and practicality are the key factors when choosing the right cycling bib shorts for women.

Inverse is the cycling wear brand that offers the widest variety of options for cycling bib shorts for female cyclists so that they can choose the shorts that best meet their sporting needs.

Women’s cycling shorts – with or without straps?

Choosing whether women’s cycling shorts should be with or without straps depends mainly on each rider’s individual preferences and requirements.

Some women may find shorts with straps, also known as “bib shorts”, more comfortable and safer, as the straps help keep the shorts in place while riding, and prevent them from moving or rolling up. Straps can also distribute pressure across the shoulders, which can reduce discomfort and fatigue in the waist area.

On the other hand, strapless shorts may be more practical and easier to use for some cyclists, especially if they need to take the garment off and put it on often during their rides. Strapless shorts may also be cooler and more breathable in warmer climates.

In short, the choice between women’s cycling shorts either with or without straps depends on each rider’s personal preferences and individual needs.

culottes de ciclismo para la mujer ciclista con o sin tirantes
ALPHA cycling bib shorts for women with detachable brace and WERKA strapless cycling shorts for women
culottes de ciclismo para la mujer ciclista sin tirantes
Detail WERKA women’s cycling shorts without straps

Types of straps on women’s cycling shorts

Women’s cycling bib shorts can come with different types of straps, although the most common are the Y-shaped straps and straight straps. The strap should always be manufactured using perforated fabrics to facilitate perspiration at all times.

Y-shaped straps fit over the shoulders, and join together in a single strap at the front and back of the bib shorts. This design helps keep the bib shorts in place and prevents them from moving around while riding, which can be very useful during cycling competitions, for example. This type of strap can be comfortable or uncomfortable depending on the size and separation of the breasts. Inverse manufactures precisely this type of bib shorts for the female cyclists who are members of the Spanish national cycling team.

Straight straps are similar to Y-shaped straps, but instead of coming together at the back of the bib shorts, they are joined in two separate straps at the top of the back area. This design may be more comfortable for some women and may also provide greater freedom of movement, although some women cyclists do not like the strap rubbing on their chest, and some width is advisable.

culottes de ciclismo para la mujer ciclista tirantes
Detail of the braces of the Energy unisex cycling bib shorts range

Removable straps on women’s cycling bib shorts

Some women’s cycling bib shorts also come with removable straps, allowing the rider to adjust the garment according to her personal needs and preferences. Inverse has developed the ALPHA cycling bib shorts, which are innovative women’s cycling shorts with a removable back strap.

ALPHA women’s bib shorts have two flat bands at the front of the straps to distribute the weight evenly, for long cycling sessions without any discomfort. And at the back, there is a strap with a magnetic fastener for quick release, so that the cyclist can put on and take off the shorts easily and quickly. This system makes visiting the bathroom easy, among other benefits.

culottes de ciclismo para la mujer ciclista tirante desmontable
ALPHA women’s cycling bib shorts
culottes de ciclismo para la mujer ciclista unisex
Unisex cycling bib shorts ENERGY

Unisex bib shorts – why not?

After the success of its REVOLUTION range of unisex cycling bib shorts last season, Inverse has launched its new ENERGY collection, which is also unisex, for both men and women.

This is a more inclusive approach to sportswear, including the production of cycling bib shorts to suit different body types and genders, while retaining similar aesthetics and colours for both male and female cyclists.

And although there are cycling bib shorts specifically for women cyclists with more anatomically specific chamois pads and features that make them even more comfortable, the breathable fabrics and specific adjustments providing better support at the waist and thighs are the same in both cases, regardless of gender.

In short, there is no reason why cycling bib shorts cannot be unisex and in fact, many manufacturers now produce shorts to fit both men and women.

culottes de ciclismo para la mujer ciclista badana
The pad is very important in the design of a good cycling bib shorts for women

The importance of a good chamois pad in women’s cycling bib shorts

The chamois pad is one of the most important features in women’s cycling bib shorts, as it provides comfort and protection during long bike rides. The chamois pad is a padded cushion located on the bottom of the cycling shorts, and it is designed to protect the rider’s skin from friction with the saddle of the bicycle.

Is particularly important for women as it provides added protection in the genital area and helps prevent chafing and irritation during long bike rides. The chamois pad also helps absorb sweat and keep the area dry and comfortable.

Women’s cycling bib shorts chamois pads vary in size, shape and density to suit different female anatomies and different cycling styles. Some chamois pads may be thicker and more cushioned for greater comfort on longer rides, while others may be slimmer and more lightweight, for better performance on shorter or more intense rides.

Inverse’s chamois pads for women’s cycling bib shorts

Inverse uses two types of chamois pads for its collection of cycling shorts for women: the WERKA for shorts exclusively for women, and the MUSTANG for unisex shorts. Inverse also has a wide range of chamois pads – some of which are environmentally friendly – specifically for female cyclists in its various ranges of custom cycling wear which are suitable for different types of cycling and competitions.

The WERKA chamois pad for cycling shorts exclusively for women is designed to ensure comfort during long sessions in the saddle. It has a grammage of 120 g/m2, and is recommended for riding comfortably for six hours. It has perforated foam to ensure effective ventilation and quick drying. The smooth transition between its two densities prevents friction and chafing.

MUSTANG chamois pad for unisex shorts has a traditional dynamic design. It has a grammage of 120 g/m2, and is recommended for riding comfortably for six hours. It has been developed based on the concept of “Zero Friction”, with smooth transitions between levels, 3D wings and an ergonomic shape (three densities). It is a combination of Pro Evo foam, with high density and lift capacity, and the new Re-Cycle recycled fabric. The chamois pad includes a 3 mm perforation on the top layer to ensure effective ventilation and quick drying.

In short, the chamois pad is a crucial feature of women’s cycling shorts, as it provides protection and comfort during long bike rides, helping to prevent irritation and chafing in the genital area and absorbing sweat to keep the area dry and comfortable.

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