The 2023 Inverse Trail Running Team focuses on the emerging talent of young trail runners

The new 2023 Inverse Team Trail Running Team is carrying on its philosophy of discovering and promoting young trail runners.

Following the current trend in the trail running community, the new 2023 Inverse Trail Running Team is focusing on participating in short races or vertical kilometre (VK) races.

Since 2014, the Inverse Trail Running Team has always focused on promoting the sports careers of promising young runners. Some of these emerging runners have been and are still members of the national trail racing teams of Andorra, Spain and Catalonia.   

A team with both veteran runners and young veterans

But as we have done since the team was created 9 years ago, young runners are mixed with veterans on the Inverse Trail Running Team. The 2023 season continues to include veteran runners who are still demonstrating their worth, including Albert Soley (2022 Spartan Race Spain champion), Rosa Navarro (2021 FEEC Catalan Cup runner-up) and the Andorran Pere Riba, a member of Andorra’s national Trail Running team.

In the new season, experienced young runners who joined in the 2021 and 2022 season will also remain on the team, including Cèlia Balcells (2022 Snow Running champion of Catalonia), Sergi Cabeza (3rd place in the 2021 Vertical Kilometre championship of Catalonia), Gael Álvarez (3rd place in the 2022 SKIMO Spanish Cup) and Aniol Pujiula (4th place in the Vertical Kilometre – VK – championship of Spain). 

New recruits for the team

Four young runners are the newest members of the new Inverse Trail Running Team for the 2023 season. Our first standout is Laia Gilibets, 2022 champion of Catalonia in the Ultra category. Next are our recruits Aina Siscart (5th place in the Vertical Mile of Àreu), Lluís Puigvert (youth runner-up of Catalonia in the 2022 Vertical Kilometre) and Jaume González (absolute runner-up of Catalonia in the 2022 Vertical Kilometre).

The team is still led by Roger Mestre under the supervision of the Inverse sports director Víctor del Corral. This team should be competitive in all the trail running modalities, but it is expected to be particularly competitive in both national or international Vertical Kilometre (VK) races, such as the Marathon and Half-Marathon.

Since 2014, the brand Inverse has become a European benchmark in technical trail running clothing thanks to the Inverse Trail Running Team. Indeed, some of the top trail runners in recent years, both in Spain and internationally, have emerged from this team.

The team’s goal is always to promote this great sport, which provides runners with direct contact with the mountain and nature as a whole as they strive for the ultimate athletic goals and challenges.

New gear with new design

In this new season, the team is once again being equipped with the same colours, but with a different design. This new gear is based on the proven ULTRA and EXTREM lines of personalised trail running clothing. Inverse offers these lines to elite and professional teams as an overall response to all the technical clothing needs of trail running.

The Trail Running team is still very strategically important for Inverse as a way to analyse, develop, test and improve all the garments in the collection and the personalised items in its line of trail running gear.

Inverse also sells a replicate of the t-shirt from the newly designed gear to team fans and all trail runners in general.

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