The Spanish cycling team’s outfit incorporates the innovations for safety and comfort in the new Inverse 2018 range of cycling wear.

In each of its disciplines and categories, the Spanish cycling team will face new challenges in 2018 in the World Cups and international cycling events in which it participates. Every year, brands like Inverse which work with the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC) to outfit the national team incorporate their new ideas and innovations to help improve the athletic performance of Spanish cyclists.

The innovations in Inverse’s cycling wear for the Spanish cycling team for 2018 have focused on bib shorts. The new custom bib shorts are based on the new Squad 2018 collection of Inverse cycling wear, which includes two new finishes: the “reflective round grip” and the micro-perforated printed elastic shoulder strap.


The revolutionary “Reflective Round Grip” helps the cyclist to achieve maximum visibility, in addition to ensuring greater comfort as it is a silicone grip on the inside and has a micro-perforation that improves breathability in the thigh.

The numerous reflective points on the outside of the grip significantly increase the cyclist’s visibility at a distance of 150 metres, thereby achieving greater road safety when cycling at night. And although most of the competitions in which the Spanish team participates take place during daylight hours, it is also very useful in morning, evening and night-time training sessions.

Maximising precaution and visibility both during the day (at Inverse we recommend using customised or collection cycling apparel that incorporates fluorescent colours in both the jersey and the bib shorts) and at night are essential measures for improving a cyclist’s road safety.

Inverse’s new cycling wear collection for 2018 includes the Reflective Round Grip in the Meta, Squad and Union models.


The micro-perforated printed elastic shoulder strap is another of the major new innovations that Inverse has added to its new custom cycling wear ranges for 2018, and to its Squad and Union 2018 cycling wear collections.

The elastic straps of these bib shorts fit the cyclist perfectly, and have no seams or trim, to prevent any chafing. And they have micro-perforation that provides maximum breathability for the cyclist under extreme heat or perspiration conditions.

And the great new feature is that they are fully customisable with the textile printing system, and can be used to exploit the potential of new designs and logos to the full.

The rest of the Spanish cycling team’s bib shorts is manufactured with Inverse’s magnificent Lycra Spirit fabric, which guarantees this garment’s elasticity and breathability. The legendary TOUR chamois pad is also perfect for long exercise sessions and the most demanding events.

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