Personalised gravel cycling wear: a way to express your style

Inverse launches Tracker and Regeneration, two new ranges of custom gravel apparel.

The key features of gravel cycling are its versatility and its ability to adapt to a wide variety of terrains. This has made gravel cycling an increasingly popular discipline, and the demand for specialised garments for the discipline has increased as a result.

Gravel wear has to be comfortable, breathable and durable in order to meet the challenges of this type of cycling. But custom gravel wear can also be a way to express your style and personality.

Why customise your gravel cycling wear?

There are several reasons why customising your gravel cycling wear could be a good idea. First of all, custom apparel is a way to show off your individuality and personal style. You can choose your favourite colours, designs and logos to create a garment that defines you.

Second, custom apparel can be a way to give your cycling gear its own unique touch. If you’re a regular cyclist, chances are you have an extensive collection of cycling apparel. Custom apparel can help you stand out from the crowd, and make your outfit stand out as well.

Finally, custom apparel can be a way to support your sponsor brands. Inverse has been a pioneering cycling apparel brand since 1969, and has offered its customisation services to many renowned brands.

How to customise your gravel cycling wear

There are several ways to customise your gravel wear. One option is to have your custom gravel wear by a cycling brand such as Inverse. Inverse offers a wide variety of customisation options thanks to the heat stamping technique, so you can create your ideal garment.

Another option is to customise your own gravel wear. This may be a little more difficult, but it is also cheaper, although we do not recommend it. There are several methods for customising gravel apparel, such as using vinyl, patches or embroidery. The problem is that it does not look very professional, and it can create a poor image if it is not done well.

Ideas for customising your gravel cycling wear

There are many ways to customise your gravel cycling wear. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Choose your favourite colours. Gravel cycling wear is usually available in a wide range of colours thanks to the heat stamping technique. You can choose the colours you like the most to create a garment that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Add a personal touch. You can add a personal touch to your gravel cycling wear with your initials, a logo or a custom design. This is a way to make your garment unique and special.

At Inverse, we can offer you ideas in our Inverse Custom Design. And our highly skilled design department can provide you with a design that is very original and in keeping with your tastes and needs.

The Tracker range – Inverse’s comprehensive range of custom gravel wear.

Inverse offers you the complete TRACKER range of custom gravel apparel: a men’s short sleeve jersey, a women’s bib jersey, short sleeve T-shirts for men and women, and the practical Cargo bib shorts.

The entire range has been designed to enable you to enjoy the longest rides and the toughest trips. And details and fabrics are crucial for providing practicality and comfort in this respect.

Apart from incorporating three pockets with the exclusive ISP (Inverse Safe Pocket) system in the back area, the customisable TRACKER short sleeve jersey also has two practical side pockets for you to store everything you need for long rides.

The men’s and women’s jerseys primarily use the innovative RACE ECO fabric and on the sides, the renowned COOLTECH fabric, which is designed for maximum breathability on hot days. The new RACE ECO fabric is made from recycled multifilaments, and is notable for its lightness and strength.

The CARGO bib shorts are also designed with a pocket on each side, in addition to the two pockets in the back area, which means you can store everything you need for those long rides that are so typical of gravel cycling.

The comfort of the CARGO bib shorts is guaranteed by the exclusive TITANIUM microperforated bib straps and particularly by the GRAVEL GHIAIA chamois pads for men and the GRAVEL ONLY chamois pads for women. The chamois pads in these bib shorts are made of recycled fabric, which in turn comes into contact gently with the skin.

Regeneration – Inverse’s most Lifestyle range of custom gravel wear.

Based on Inverse’s Lifestyle collection, Inverse offers the Regeneration range of customised gravel cycling wear, featuring two types of jersey: the customisable Berlin short-sleeved shirt, and the customisable Oslo long-sleeved shirt.

The two models are manufactured with AIR and IN-LINE fabrics which ensure they are lightweight, and extremely breathable. These two shirt models have a loose-fitting unisex pattern.

Rapid manufacture of custom gravel wear

4 weeks after the design has been approved. You can ask for a quote online at the Inverse website.

Personalised gravel cycling wear is a fun and creative way to express your style and personality. Custom apparel is a great idea if you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and to enhance the visibility of your cycling gear.

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