A loose or tight-fitting cycling jersey?

A loose or tight-fitting cycling jersey?

Regardless of each cyclist’s personal preferences, whether they use a loose- or a tight-fitting cycling jersey depends on the type of cycling.

Long-established cycling apparel brands like Inverse use the term “relaxed fit” to refer to a loose-fitting cycling jersey, and “fit” for a tight jersey.

Freedom of movement and aerodynamics are some of the main parameters to take into account when choosing a loose-fitting or tight-fitting cycling jersey.

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The choice between a “relaxed fit” or a “fit” jersey depends on personal preference and the rider’s idea of comfort. But above all, it depends on the type of cycling. These are some of the considerations that need to be taken into account for both types of jerseys:

Relaxed fit cycling jerseys

Loose-fitting cycling jerseys tend to have a more relaxed fit. They are ideal if you want greater freedom of movement and comfort on your cycling trips. They are particularly popular in disciplines such as MTB, gravel, enduro and for bicycle touring. Loose-fitting jerseys are also ideal if you want to wear other garments underneath, like an undershirt.

Inverse offers its range of GIROU relaxed fit jerseys and its LIFESTYLE cycling jerseys which provide this freedom of movement and comfort.

These are some of the features and advantages that a relaxed fit jersey should provide:

A comfortable fit: a “relaxed fit” loose cycling jersey has a looser fit than tight-fitting jerseys. This provides greater freedom of movement and more comfort, and is ideal for riders who prefer a more relaxed feel in their cycling apparel.

Increased ventilation: their looser fit gives relaxed fit jerseys better ventilation and airflow. This helps keep the body cool while cycling, especially in hot climates.

Versatility: “relaxed fit” jerseys are versatile and can adapt to different types of cycling. They are popular in leisure cycling and for mountain biking, gravel and enduro, as they provide comfort and ease of movement over more difficult terrain.

Casual style: “relaxed fit” cycling jerseys tend to have a more casual and relaxed style compared to the tighter cycling jerseys used for competition. This makes them a popular choice for riders looking for a more relaxed, urban style on their bike rides.

It is important to remember that a loose “relaxed fit” jersey may be less aerodynamic and tight-fitting than a “fit” jersey. If you are looking for better aerodynamic performance, “fit” cycling jerseys may be a better idea. However, if comfort and freedom of movement are your priorities, a “relaxed fit” cycling jersey could be an excellent choice for your cycling trips.

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Fit cycling jersey

“Fit” jerseys, also known as road cycling jerseys, racing jerseys or aerodynamic fit jerseys, are designed to fit snugly against the body. These jerseys are made with stretch fabrics, and tailored to reduce wind resistance and improve aerodynamics. They are the choice of many road cyclists and high performance cycling competitors, as they minimise drag and provide pedalling efficiency.

These are some of the features and benefits of “fit” cycling jerseys:

Improved aerodynamics: “fit” cycling jerseys are designed to follow the contours of the body, which can reduce wind resistance and improve aerodynamics. This can be particularly useful in high-speed sports such as road cycling and the triathlon, where even the slightest improvement in aerodynamics can make a difference.

Muscle compression: “fit” cycling jerseys are usually made of elastic compression materials. Graduated compression can help improve the blood’s circulation and reduce muscle vibration during exercise. This can be beneficial for both sports performance and post-training recovery.

Support and fastening: “fit” cycling jerseys can provide additional support for the muscles, especially in the trunk and shoulder area. This can help improve posture and reduce muscle fatigue during high impact activities.

The choice between a loose-fitting or tight-fitting jersey ultimately depends on your personal preferences, the type of cycling you do, and the level of comfort you want while riding. If you have the chance, you could try both styles and see which one is more comfortable and best suits your needs. And it is always very important to look at the size chart to make sure you have the right size.

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