Inverse fighting the coronavirus

Inverse has also joined the #YoMeCorono movement to support scientific research against the coronavirus.

Now it’s time to fight against the Covid-19. Inverse does it from two fronts: collaborate in the manufacture of hospital gowns and protective masks and supporting scientific research by joining the #YoMeCorono movement.

First of all, we want to thank all those essential groups of people who are fighting on the front line. Thanks to all the health personnel, the security forces, those who are taking care of the elderly, all those working in the food sector, transporters and all those people from the world of sports who are collaborating in this fight against the virus.

Estamos convencidos que la humanidad saldrá de esta, gracias a la implicación de todos los ciudadanos que están siguiendo estrictamente las normas de confinamiento, como los que están siendo esenciales en la lucha contra el coronavirus.

Inverse fighting the coronavirus
Inverse fighting the coronavirus


At Inverse we are aware that there are many needs of our healthcare system to face the coronavirus and we have wanted to contribute to solve those great needs, such as the lack of gowns for the health personnel that are attending to the infected population.

In collaboration with a group of volunteers from Lliçà de Vall, our cutting and clothing workshops are manufacturing – against time – hospital gowns. This protection material is intended for hospitals near our production center located in Mollet del Vallès, in the populated Vallès region in Barcelona.

Inverse is also answering queries from companies, public entities and groups of volunteers with the objective of being able to help both in cutting and making protective materials such as masks. We will answer these queries through our email

Inverse fighting the coronavirus
Inverse fighting the coronavirus


At Inverse, we also strongly believe that scientific research to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus is very important. That is why it has also joined the #YoMeCorono movement campaign.

Inverse is supporting this movement through its social networks and invites the group of athletes in this country to collaborate in this urgent fundraising campaign for an ambitious investigation against #coronavirus. Spain is one of the countries most affected by the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) coronavirus pandemia, which is causing thousands of deaths worldwide.

Inverse fighting the coronavirus

This patronage campaign will allocate the money raised to the clinical trial with drugs to prevent infections. A project led by Dr. Bonaventura Clotet and Dr. Oriol Mitjà of the Infectious Diseases Service of the Germans Triasi Pujol Hospital. The proceeds will also go to the joint project of IrsiCaixa, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, IRTA-CReSA and Grifols, which aims to develop drugs, antibodies and a vaccine against the new coronavirus and other similar future threats.

Many personalities from the world of sports and culture have joined by making their donation and dissemination through their social networks.

In order to have the results as soon as possible they need our help more than ever. Please also make your contribution through