Discover the new SUBLIM range of winter jerseys from the Winter Revolution 23-24 Collection

Wearing long sleeved winter jerseys in the latest fashion is possible with the new SUBLIM range from the Winter Revolution 23-24 Collection.

Inverse offers eight different models of long-sleeved winter cycling jerseys in its new SUBLIM range: four for men (Slim Minded, Slim Slate, Scuba Minded and Scuba Slate) and four for women (Slim Blooms, Slim Sage, Scuba Blooms and Scuba Sage).

Winter cycling has never been as exciting as it is with the new range of SUBLIM long sleeve jerseys from the Winter Revolution 23-24 collection. These jerseys are designed to offer an exceptional combination of quality, style and functionality, all at a price that will surprise you. If you’re a cyclist with character and like to stand out when you’re on the road, these custom jerseys for men and women are the perfect choice.

Cutting edge design

SUBLIM jerseys stand out because of their attractive modern design. Not only will they keep you warm on cold days, but they will also make you stand out on the road. With a vibrant palette of colours and eye-catching designs, these jerseys are a fashion statement in themselves. When you put on one of these jerseys, you’re not only preparing for a good cycling session, but also for a procession of pure style!

There is a spectacular variety of designs in the SUBLIM range: Inverse offers eight different models of long sleeve winter cycling jerseys: four for men (Slim Minded, Slim Slate, Scuba Minded and Scuba Slate) and four for women (Slim Blooms, Slim Sage, Scuba Blooms and Scuba Sage). And as a great new feature, the inside of each jersey has a custom design that makes it unique.

Quality that will keep you company – kilometre after kilometre

Quality is essential when it comes to winter cycling apparel, and the jerseys in the new SUBLIM range are no disappointment. The interior fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch, providing a thermal sensation and warmth that is very much appreciated on the coldest days. It is also combined with a more breathable fabric on the side panels and on the back to prevent sweat from building up. This ensures that you stay dry and comfortable all through your ride, regardless of the weather.

Comfort in Every Seam

Comfort is essential when you spend hours in the saddle of your bike. SUBLIM jerseys have been designed with the cyclist’s comfort in mind. Both the set-in and raglan sleeves are sewn with flatlock stitching to avoid unpleasant chafing, which means you can concentrate on your ride instead of the problem.

The collar is made of soft, breathable fabric, and on the inside it features a flat anti-chafing band to make sure your neck is free from irritation. Every detail has been carefully considered to offer you the utmost comfort while you ride your bike.

Innovation in storage: ISP Safety

One of the highlights of Inverse’s SUBLIM jerseys is their innovative storage system. In the back area, it has three pockets with the new ISP (Inverse Safe Pocket) safety system. This means you can store your personal belongings safely, with no fear of losing them while you are cycling. Now, you can carry your essentials with you without any worries, whether it’s a phone, wallet or snacks for the road.

Added Safety

Road safety is of the utmost importance, especially during the winter months when visibility can be a challenge. SUBLIM jerseys have been equipped with reflective features that enhance your visibility on the road. This makes you safer yourself and for other road users, which is crucial for a safe cycling experience.

In short, the SUBLIM long sleeve jerseys from the Winter Revolution 23-24 collection are a smart choice for winter cyclists who want quality, style and functionality at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking to wrap up warm on cold days or just want to stand out on the trail, these jerseys have you covered. Get ready to enjoy cycling in style while protected from the cold with SUBLIM jerseys!

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