Cycling jacket ONCIC 6 (MEN)


Cycling jacket ONCIC 6 (MEN)

You are original and you love it.

This jacket is perfect to protect you from cold. AEROTECH fabric is composed of 3 membranes. The outer layer acts as a barrier to prevent water from penetrate. The inner layer helps to evacuate sweat and maintain body heat. You will have dry skin and you will avoid overheating in order to perform to the maximum. The sides are elastic and adapt to any position on the bike without resistance. The anatomical neck fits very well to the body without causing discomfort and prevents air from entering. This cycling jacket combines different technologies so that it always stays in the ideal position. At the end of the sleeves has a cuff that fits very well to the arm and prevents air from entering. At the back of the waist it has an elastic band with a silicone grip that will keep the jacket in its ideal position. The front area has a very fine trim that adjusts the garment to the body and does not disturb the cycling position. In the lumbar area incorporates 3 pockets with the new ISP Security system – Inverse Safe Pocket – where you can store any object without fear of losing it. Enjoy cycling without worries.


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Use temperature range
0 ºC - 15 ºC



Water resistance


Wind resistance


Thermal isolation




Full zip

Elastic cuff

Elastic band + trim at the waist

3 back pockets with the ISP system – Inverse Safe Pocket –

Thermal neck

Anatomical pattern

Made with ecological inks

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