INVERSE begins its new era “BE TRUE”

With the same spirit of service and quality, we renew our commitment to all athletes with a new brand image, a new slogan, new products and a new website.

For more than 5 decades we have been betting on innovation and improving technology to respond to the needs of athletes; manufacturing technical clothing to compete, enjoy and to help each athlete be himself.

With this new premise, Inverse begins the BE TRUE era, with the aim that all athletes mark their own style, regardless of imposed fashions, and that they feel more them than ever to leave their mark on everything they do.

In this new stage, Inverse joins the Massi UCI Team to develop the sportswear of this important professional mountain biking team. The fusion of knowledge of the latest technologies with competition experience has resulted in an agreement that unites two companies with a long history in the world of cycling, Massi since 1934 and Inverse since 1969.