Summer 2022 Special Edition: design, fashion and cycling

Can design, fashion and cycling be combined? Inverse proves that they can in its Summer 2022 Special Edition.

Inverse has launched its Summer 2022 Special Edition – a special series of six new models with unique cycling jersey and bib shorts designs for men and women.

The six new models in the Summer 2022 Special Edition (Grade, Quare, Litar, Sikke, Roc and Crow) highlight the potential of Inverse’s design department, and are a combination of fashion and cycling. This limited series will only be on sale until 31 July 2022.

Cycling – and working for cyclists – always involves taking on challenges and risks. After developing and marketing its successful FREE SPIRIT spring-summer 2022 collection of cycling wear, Inverse has gone one step further and produced the Summer 2022 Special Edition – a collection made up of 6 models of cycling jersey and bib shorts for men and women, with unique designs which are very different from those usually available in the cycling market.

Creative design freedom

Inverse’s talented cycling wear design team has taken a short break from the more commercial side of design, and ventured into a new special edition with unique and original designs. The Summer 2022 Special Edition consists of the Grade, Quare, Litar, Sikke, Roc and Crow models. The design of each model of cycling jersey and bib shorts for men and women has been inspired by very different ideas, but they are always based on criteria of originality and fashion design.

The Inverse design team has had complete freedom when designing this special edition. The limits in the design and fashion of cycling wear always lie in having a thorough knowledge of the technical specifications of the various fabrics and items used in the manufacture of cycling jerseys and bib shorts.

Mastery and knowledge of the heat stamping technique is also very important when tackling this challenge. In fact, Inverse was one of the first European cycling clothing brands to adopt heat stamping technology in the manufacture of jerseys and shorts.

Cycling is fashion as well

Cycling is perhaps one of the sports that is most subject to fashion. If we look at the designs of cycling wear over the last 50 years, we can see a clear evolution in terms of the commitment to design and creating fashion trends. Cyclists’ tastes differ widely, which is why cycling wear brands generally use sober and elegant designs, which are the most broadly accepted.

Special series like the Inverse Summer 2022 Special Edition are proof of its creative teams’ design potential. And they are also a response to cyclists who are looking for something different. In its new “BE TRUE” era, Inverse has decided to respond to many cyclists’ need to be themselves.

This new special series is a major attraction for cyclists who do not want to be dressed in a jersey and bib shorts that everyone else is wearing. In sport, and particularly in cycling, many athletes want to express their personality through their clothing, by means of the design and aesthetics of their cycling jersey and bib shorts.

Inspired by Barcelona

Inverse is a Catalan brand that designs and manufactures its cycling clothing in Barcelona, and has been doing so since 1969, making it one of Europe’s oldest manufacturers of cycling wear. And the good fortune of being located in Barcelona is twofold: Barcelona is one of the world’s cities with the best international reputation, and it is one of the cities that provide the most inspiration for designers in all disciplines, including fashion design.

And the creative capacity of our design team is undoubtedly imbued with what a city like Barcelona fosters on a creative level. Barcelona contributes a great deal thanks to its architecture and urban planning, its landscape, its culture, design, sports, tourism, its gastronomy and the social and technological innovation that it brings together. Furthermore, Inverse as a brand and its founder (Joaquim Sabaté) are closely linked to the history of cycling in Barcelona.

Design and fashion, but also quality in clothing

It is all very well to apply good design and fashion criteria to cycling wear, but cyclists also value the quality of the fabrics in a good cycling jersey and bib shorts. The comfort offered by a fabric that provides complete breathability and the feeling of being dry, and the comfort of a good chamois in shorts for dealing with many hours on a bicycle are essential for any cyclist today.

The Tempus is the range of custom cycling wear that has been used for the cycling jersey in the six models of Inverse’s Summer 2022 Special Edition. Tempus is a high-end range of custom cycling wear that is designed for very intense use, similar to levels among professional cyclists, and it is also the basis for the Olympic jersey used by the Spanish cycling team.

This jersey combines 4 technical fabrics that provide a perfect fit for the body and wicks sweat away quickly, giving the cyclist the feeling of a cool dry body. The Dual Comfort System treatment means it regulates body temperature, and prevents the skin from overheating. It is a cycling jersey that is designed so that the cyclist can perform at their best.

The bib shorts in the 6 models of Inverse’s Summer 2022 Special Edition are a complete innovation, and are not part of any of Inverse’s ranges of custom wear. It is a totally new range, made with the Lycra Sport technical fabric. The chamois pad is the Mustang, with a dynamic design developed based on the concept of Zero Friction, with smooth transitions between the levels, 3D wings and an ergonomic shape.

These six designs are also available from Inverse in its Summer 2022 Special Edition, in the catalogue of examples of design they inspire in the Custom Design section of its custom cycling wear.