Sustainability in Cycling: Five Alternatives To Throwing Away Your Cycling Jersey or Bib Shorts

Inverse suggests five environmentally friendly alternatives to consider before you throw your jersey or bib shorts away so that you can contribute to protecting the environment.

The world of cycling is in tune with defending the environment because it is also a type of sustainable mobility that respects our surroundings.

In today’s sustainability-focused era, adopting environmentally friendly practices is essential in all aspects of our lives, including our passion for cycling. When it comes to cycling clothing, such as jerseys, bib shorts, vests and jackets, it is important to consider sustainable alternatives before deciding to throw these cycling garments away. Inverse suggests five environmentally friendly alternatives so that you can contribute to protecting the environment and sustainability in the world of cycling.

Unlike motor vehicles, bicycles do not emit polluting gases or contribute to air pollution. Encouraging cycling as a means of transportation not only reduces our carbon footprint, but also helps reduce traffic congestion and promotes a more efficient use of urban space. By being in tune with nature, cyclists become active advocates for the environment, and highlight the importance of preserving our planet for future generations. This makes cycling a means to promote sustainable practices and environmental awareness, and to make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change and preserving our environment.

One aspect of sustainability involved in cycling where cyclists can make a huge contribution is in extending the life of their jersey and bib shorts. Here are five alternatives to consider before throwing away your cycling wear:

1. Sewing and Repairing: Breathing New Life Into Your Cycling Apparel

Sewing up and repairing your cycling jersey or bib shorts is a sustainable and practical alternative. Small tears, holes or rips can often easily be fixed with some skilful stitching. Not only will you be prolonging the life of your outfit, but you will also be reducing the need to purchase new garments, with consequent positive impact on the environment.

Inverse offers its RE-SET HUB service, for the repair and reuse of cycling clothing to extend the life cycle of your jersey or bib shorts.

2. Donations: Share your Passion and Sustainability

If your jersey or bib shorts are still in good condition, consider donating them. There are plenty of local cycling organizations and groups that would appreciate receiving cycling wear in good condition. When you make a donation, you are not only helping someone else, but you are also participating in the circular economy and reducing the amount of textile waste.

And of course… if you’ve been a World Champion or won La Vuelta, the Giro and the Tour, and you donate your jersey or bib shorts to a charity for it to be auctioned and raise funds for their work and aid activities, the long shadow cast by your solidarity will be even more extensive. And even if that doesn’t apply to you, it doesn’t matter. The planet, your friends, your colleagues, your children, your relatives… will all be extremely grateful to you!

3. Upcycling and Second Life: Turn Your Sportswear Into Something New

Upcycling, creative recycling, or giving a second life to your garments, is an exciting alternative. Turn your jersey or bib shorts into something completely new, such as a carrying bag for your bike, a sports headband or even a cover for your helmet. By doing so you will be encouraging creativity and preventing your sportswear from ending up in a landfill.

4. Exchanges With Other Cyclists: Renew Your Wardrobe Sustainably

Consider organizing a cycling wear swap session with friends or members of your cycling community. This lets you renew your wardrobe without contributing to the cycle of mass production. Sharing experiences and anecdotes with other cycling enthusiasts also creates a sense of community and solidarity.

5. Second Hand Sale: For Sustainable and Economical Cycling

If your garments are still in good condition but you no longer need them, selling them second-hand is an excellent alternative. Online platforms and local marketplaces can help you find a new home for your jersey or bib shorts, allowing someone else to enjoy high quality clothing at a more affordable price and avoiding unnecessary production.

Towards a More Sustainable Cycling Future

By choosing these sustainable alternatives before you get rid of your cycling apparel, you can make a significant contribution to preserving the environment. Adopting conscious practices in the cycling world not only benefits planet Earth, but also reinforces our cycling community around a shared commitment to sustainability. Make your next bike ride not only a pleasure, but also a conscious act of environmental responsibility!

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