A new era has arrived in the extensive collection of winter cycling jerseys and jackets. It ranges from restrained and elegant designs, to groundbreaking and colourful designs for unique and different cyclists.

Don’t look for the same thing by other brands… You won’t find any design similar to the new cycling jackets and jerseys in Inverse’s autumn-winter 2020-2021 collection.

It is a collection designed for each cyclist to find their true personality without sacrificing the quality and thermal comfort provided by its top-quality finishes and fabrics. An approach that is diverse rather than uniform, to reflect each cyclist’s true personality.

Apart from an innovative design, Inverse contributes its know-how in cycling wear, drawing on its long history with more than 50 years of experience, equipping the best cyclists in both professional teams and the members of the Team Spain Cycling national team.

The concept of “being wind” has inspired us in our designs of cycling wear for men and women in 2020, and we have named all our jerseys and jackets after winds around the world. And this obviously applies to our winter cycling collection – the KLOD jersey and jacket (named after a warm wind coming down from the mountains in Bali), the MORGET jersey and jacket (a landward night breeze over Lake Geneva), the IMBAT jersey (a North African sea breeze), the BARINE jersey (a westward gale that sometimes blows in from the sea on the coast of Venezuela), the DRINET jersey (a cold mountain wind in Romania), the OROSHI jersey (a cold wind that blows over the Kanto plain in Japan) and the HABOB jersey (a strong wind with sandstorms and dust storms in northern and central Sudan, especially in Khartoum. It blows around twenty-four times a year. Its name is taken from the word “Habb” which means wind).

But our genuine and definitive inspiration is always to offer cyclists the best, seeking to provide good value for money.