Do we need a cycling jersey for the spring and autumn?

Sara Pérez Sala. Foto: Pello Osoro

A cycling jersey for the spring and autumn is a very practical garment, as it is lighter and more breathable than the jerseys used in extreme cold conditions.

Following the success of the ATOMA jersey, Inverse is launching the new EDGE jersey for cycling during seasons when the weather is changeable, such as the spring and autumn.

With climate change, the climate boundaries of the seasons of the year have also changed. And so has the definition of what the Spanish call the ‘mid-season’ as well. People used to say the mid-season happened twice a year: during the change from the winter to the spring, and from the summer to the autumn. But any cyclist knows full well that this is no longer the case, and it’s even possible to be hot in winter.

The changing weather in seasons like the spring and autumn means that many cyclists are uncertain about which garments to choose when going out for a ride on their bike. Cyclists always wants to avoid wearing too many garments with several layers, but the wide variation in temperatures from one day to another, or between day and night, makes it difficult to decide whether to wear a jacket, a thermal shirt, sleeves or a vest. 

A spring and autumn jersey avoids the need for too many garments

The ideal solution is undoubtedly to equip yourself with a cycling jersey especially designed for the spring and autumn, like the EDGE from Inverse. A jersey that you can wear with short bib shorts which means you can cycle more freely and improve your aerodynamics. And it’s certainly perfect for use in climate conditions that aren’t extreme. Its technical fabrics offer great breathability while maintaining body heat at the same time, without overheating the skin.

EDGE – the most innovative cycling jersey for the spring and autumn

The EDGE cycling jersey for the spring and autumn is extremely innovative, because it is made with the TAMA and IMBA state-of-the-art fabrics. Both are highly elastic, and enable the spring and autumn jersey to fit the body perfectly without any pressure or discomfort. The fit to the body is very important for taking advantage of the technical specifications of the fabrics.

The fibres in the TAMA fabric used to make the sleeves are in the form of a 3D mesh, which facilitates air circulation, facilitating perspiration at all times, and in turn, preventing the loss of body temperature. The IMBA fabric is very lightweight, soft and very pleasant to the touch. It prevents cold air from coming in, and keeps the body at a constant temperature since it does not overheat the skin.

A practical unisex jersey for men and women

Everything is practical and stylish in the new EDGE cycling jersey for the spring and autumn. Its pattern, its elasticity, its finishes and its elegant colours make it a jersey that can be used by both male and female cyclists. And it’s also a practical jersey for the spring and autumn because it can be used for both road and mountain cycling, as it is also highly resistant.

The cyclists who have tested it emphasise the high level of comfort they felt when wearing it. For example, it has an elastic band at the waist with an interior grip to prevent the garment from riding up while pedalling. It has three open elastic pockets in the lower back area enabling you to store everything you want while you are on the road. It also has a fourth zippered pocket for storing smaller items with complete peace of mind.

The safety that visibility provides is also very important in this jersey. In the back area, the jersey has reflective features so that vehicles can see you from further away under low light conditions.

The EDGE jersey is a technological evolution of Inverse’s successful ATOMA jersey. A unisex jersey that has been very popular among the male and female cyclists who have tried it, who emphasises that its pattern and elasticity enable it to adapt to fit all bodies with complete comfort.

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