The unstoppable “Women In Bike” revolution

Foto: Diego Amaya (RFEC)

The leaders of the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation’s “Women In Bike” project launch a new Inverse kit

Coordinated by the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation and sponsored by Movistar, over 200 ambassadors of the “Women In Bike” project will ride on Spain’s paths and highways of Spain, equipped with a new jersey and bib shorts design manufactured by Inverse.

After its resounding success since its inception in mid-2018, the “Women In Bike” project remains unstoppable three years later. As part of the commitment to promote women’s cycling by the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation and the Autonomous Regional Federations and sponsored by Movistar, over 200 leaders continue to cycle all over Spain thanks to the countless cycling meetings women.

The project has organised more than 8,000 meetings with more than 50,000 registrations. This figure undoubtedly reflects the massive mobilisation during this period aimed at increasing the numbers of women involved in cycling.

Thanks to the massive progress made by the “Women In Bike” project, the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation has announced the launch of the new women’s jersey and bib shorts to be worn by the project’s ambassadors. All leaders who attend add five or more meetings will be eligible for the new custom cycling outfit for women.

After the success of the jersey that raised the profile of women’s cycling on Spain’s paths and roads – and which was also manufactured by Inverse – the project now adopts a new image which emphasises the strength and leadership of a project that has become consolidated as a leading initiative for female cyclists. This initiative brings together the values associated with companionship and healthy sports, and conveys a very positive message that any woman can take the plunge in this sport.

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