The new BE TRUE era: a new Inverse to be more you

Inverse reaffirms its commitment to athletes with a new brand image, a new slogan, new products and a new website.

INVERSE begins its new BE TRUE era. Inverse has been committed to innovation for more than 5 decades, adapting and responding to the real needs of all athletes by designing and manufacturing the garments they need to compete and enjoy themselves.

INVERSE has not stopped for a single second over this last year. Over the past few months, we have responded to needs that were unthinkable a year ago, and they have been months in which our experienced brand has got to work, thinking and focusing on all athletes.

BE TRUE nueva era de ropa ciclista INVERSE

INVERSE begins the new BE TRUE era to help all athletes define their own style regardless of fashions imposed by others, to make them feel more themselves than ever, and to leave their mark on everything they do. The promotional video for the campaign -which is going viral – provides a dramatic introduction to this new era.

Inverse presents a new line of custom and collectible sportswear for cycling, triathlon, running, trail running and other sports. This sportswear includes a wide range of models, in which every athlete is sure to find the style that really makes you feel like yourself.

The new clothing lines can be viewed on our updated website. Where in addition to being able to find everything more easily and being able to customise outfits for groups or clubs, Inverse would like to offer you a 10% discount on all its collection sportswear (except OUTLET), if you use the discount code BETRUE2021.

INVERSE begins its new BE TRUE era: “Dare to be yourself. At Inverse we push you to bring out your true self – to be true to yourself”

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