The Massi MTB Racing Team 2024 updates its style with striking Inverse cycling apparel

Inverse outfits the new Massi MTB Racing Team 2024, which is once again made up of riders of various nationalities, with spectacular new cycling apparel.

Mexico’s José Gerardo Ulloa, who dominated the 2023 Pan American XCO and Short Track competing against several World Cup rivals, continues to be one of the most outstanding riders in the Massi MTB Racing Team 2024.

Mexico’s Monserrath Rodriguez and France’s Maxime Loret also remain in the Massi MTB Racing Team 2024 this season. The new team contains outstanding riders from France, Spain, Mexico and Sweden.

An essential team for testing Massi bikes and Inverse MTB cycling wear

Inverse and Massi agree on a crucial point: the current state of competitive mountain biking is extremely positive, and it continues to experience sustained growth. MTB is one of the most exciting and challenging sports in cycling, and it has become the preferred format for cycling enthusiasts and outdoor sports lovers all over the world.

There has been a significant increase in the amount of MTB racing events and competitions in recent years, ranging from races at the local level to elite international events, such as the MTB World Cup. At the same time, we are witnessing an increase in the number of cyclists who are focusing exclusively on MTB, and making the commitment to constantly improving their skills and performance levels in order to participate in the professional circuits.

Technological innovation is a key factor in the growth of the MTB sector. Racing bikes like those developed by Massi, have evolved into more advanced and specialised models, leading to a significant increase in speed and safety levels, as well as a marked improvement in the racing experience.

The same goes for custom mountain biking apparel, a sector in which Inverse has excelled for years with the continuous development and improvement of a line of custom apparel adapted to various MTB, MTB and Cyclocross competitions, while always focusing on providing maximum comfort and efficiency for riders.

As a result, the pivotal and strategic presence of the Massi MTB Racing Team 2024 remains crucial for testing, improving and evolving both Massi bicycles and Inverse’s custom cycling apparel.

An ideal team

The Massi MTB Racing Team has stood out in previous seasons due to its exceptional performance. In its continuous pursuit of excellence, the major goals of the renewed professional Massi MTB Racing team are the conquest of national titles in both Europe and America, as well as reaching podium positions in the World Cup and the World Championship.

These ambitious goals have led Massi to create an elite team consisting of nine outstanding cyclists: five men and four women, from four different nationalities. They include the Mexicans José Gerardo Ulloa and Monserrath Rodríguez, France’s Maxime Loret, Antoine Philipp, Loan Cheneval and Noémie Pan, Sweden’s Linn Gustafzzon, and the Catalan siblings Núria Bosch and Jaume Bosch. This diverse and talented team embodies Massi’s determination to scale new heights on the international mountain bike scene.

An epic encounter between two iconic brands in the cycling world

The Catalan brands Inverse and Massi are maintaining their close collaboration for the fourth consecutive season. Both brands have a consolidated presence in Europe, Central and South America, with a strong position in the French market.

Inverse, since its foundation in 1969, and Massi, since 1934, have undoubtedly been among Spain’s most emblematic brands, with extensive experience and renown in the field of cycling both in Spain and internationally.

A design that captures the team’s passionate essence

Inverse has designed the new Massi MTB Racing Team 2024 apparel with a focus on innovation and a strong racing presence as a team.

The design is based on a combination of Massi’s corporate colours: red, black, anthracite grey and white. The spectacular texture used for this season’s jersey is particularly interesting, and is sure to catch the eye. This design is a genuine reflection of the passion for cycling and the competitive spirit that is the driving force behind everyone in the team.

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