Custom Antares: The Revolution in Road Safety for Cyclists

Following the success of the Antares jacket and jersey from the “Winter Revolution 23-24” collection, Inverse has continued its road safety revolution in the cycling world by offering the exclusive Custom Antares range of custom apparel with a removable LED light.

The new Custom Antares range of custom cycling apparel is based on the tried and tested Tempus range, Inverse’s most PRO range. The removable LED light system is now available for both short and long sleeve jerseys, as well as a custom winter cycling jacket.

With a patented removable LED light system incorporated in its jerseys and jackets, with Custom Antares Inverse offers cyclists a unique qualitative paradigm shift in the international custom cycling wear market, and it is the only brand to offer this road safety item incorporated in the cyclist’s clothing.

A real revolution in cycling road safety

Road safety has become an undisputed priority in the fast-paced world of cycling. Despite technological breakthroughs and innovations in equipment, there was still a gap that remained to be filled: the lack of a high visibility LED light system that would truly integrate effectively into cycling wear. Until now!

Imagine riding the streets, roads or forest trails in a jersey or jacket that is not only synonymous with style and comfort, but also incorporates a revolutionary feature: a removable LED light. Inverse has taken a bold step into the international custom cycling apparel market by introducing this innovative lighting system, specifically designed to improve road safety for cyclists, in its new Custom Antares line.

This breakthrough is a milestone in the world of road safety, as it provides cyclists with added visibility in conditions with low light or in congested urban environments. The removable LED light, strategically placed on the jersey or jacket, not only ensures that riders are more visible to drivers, but also gives their outfit a distinctive touch of style.

A leap forward in road safety for cyclists

Cyclists’ safety is a constant concern for everyone who enjoys the sport. Faced with increasing traffic congestion and drivers distracted at the wheel, cyclists need to do everything they can to enhance their visibility and reduce the risk of accidents. Any safety feature that increases visibility is a welcome addition. The removable built-in LED light in Inverse’s cycling apparel is an ingenious answer to this challenge.

The key benefits of Custom Antares

  • Increased Visibility: The removable LED light significantly improves the rider’s visibility, reducing the risk of accidents in situations with low light.
  • Custom Style: Inverse is not only concerned with safety, but also with style. The LED light is elegantly integrated into the design of the clothing, enabling the rider to express their personality while pedalling with confidence. The Custom Antares system is suitable for any type of custom cycling apparel design.
  • Versatility: The LED light is removable, which means that riders can adapt their outfit to their personal conditions and preferences.

A highly visible removable red LED light

But its most important feature is its functionality. Thanks to its power of 150 lumens, the removable red LED light is bright enough to be visible from a considerable distance (a maximum of 20 metre), even in poor light or bad weather conditions. It can be set in various modes, including constant and flashing light, to suit the rider’s preferences and to improve visibility during the day or at night.

Long battery life and fast USB recharging

Battery life is a common concern for electronic devices embedded into cycling apparel. Inverse has effectively addressed this problem by providing long-lasting batteries (2-4 hours) which ensure the LED light is ready when you need it most. It also recharges quickly and easily via a USB port, meaning that riders can be ready for their next adventure in no time at all.

Enhancing road safety

Incorporating this innovative, removable LED light into cycling apparel not only has benefits for the individual, but also contributes to road safety as a whole. Cyclists are more visible to drivers, which reduces the risk of accidents and creates a safer environment on the road for all road users.

With the introduction of this innovative line of cycling apparel, Inverse has established a turning point in the world of road safety and custom cycling wear. Cyclists can now enjoy an unparalleled level of visibility without sacrificing the personalised style of their outfits. It’s a step towards safer and more stylish cycling, where city, road and forest trails are places to fully enjoy passion on two wheels. Get ready to pedal with confidence and be a beacon on the road!

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