Albert Soley - the electrician who is a world leader in OCR and Spartan Race obstacle events

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Wednesday, 02 de October de 2019

The athlete Albert Soley is looking forward to the London OCR World Championship after winning the European Spartan Race Mountain Series in the Austrian Alps.

We interviewed Albert Soley, ambassador for the Catalan sportswear brand INVERSE, after he won the Spartan Race of Germany and Austria, and thus became the European Champion of the Spartan Race Mountain Series.

Albert Soley lives in the peaceful town of Bigues i Riells. He is relaxed, modest and friendly despite being considered a benchmark in sporting and human terms by the specialist press, and by the vast majority of athletes involved in obstacle courses and cross training in Spain and Europe.

In this interview, Albert Soley tells us what obstacle races consist of, the difference between an OCR obstacle course and a Spartan Race, although there are many more events of this type, but they have other names in other parts of the world.

He also tells us why obstacle courses are becoming increasingly popular, what motivates Albert Soley and makes him passionate about this sport, and whether this emerging sport will one day be part of the Olympics.

He talks about his day to day life, and the fact that despite being a world leader in his sport he has to combine his sporting life with his work as an electrician, and try to find hours to train in his own home and in the mountains surrounding his home town.

And finally, he tells us enthusiastically about his most recent sporting triumphs and his next objectives, which are focused on the OCR World Championship which will take place in London between 11 and 13 October 2019.



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