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Inverse launches its complete PULSE range of technical running wear, ideal for running in training and for competing in all kinds of events.

If there is a massive, popular and free sport, that sport is running. But as with most sports, as athletes become involved on a more intense, more "professional" basis and start to compete, they need more appropriate clothing to achieve higher levels of sports performance.

Inverse's slogan is "Enjoy Your Power"... And when you're aware that you're enjoying daily training and competitions, having more suitable clothing that makes you feel more comfortable and takes your needs into account becomes a factor.

Elite athletes like Jaume Leiva have worked with Inverse on the technological development of its new PULSE range of technical training wear and running competition outfits. A true athlete like Jaume Leiva understands the difference that a good training plan and the right diet makes, and suitable sportswear that allows you to move with ease and total freedom of movement.



The big difference: the type of technical fabric used


Any athlete who runs as part of their training will tell you: the first thing you have to do when running to train and compete is to get rid of your cotton shirts or shorts, which don't help with breathability once you start to sweat. And the second thing they are bound to tell you is that you need to look for good clothes that use technical fabrics designed for the utmost breathability and to keep you dry.

There are many brands of running wear - some are very popular because they are multinationals that do a lot of advertising - which use all kinds of technical fabrics. And obviously, as with everything, there are levels of quality that provide a little extra in terms of efficiency and comfort. For example, Inverse uses the fabric SUMTEX in its new range of PULSE running shirts with and without sleeves; SUMTEX is a top quality fabric made of multifilaments that are resistant to abrasion, and highly elastic at the same time. But this fabric also has the special "Dual Comfort System" finish, providing more elasticity, great recovery, higher resistance, more softness when it comes in contact with the skin and excellent breathability, quickly wicking away moisture from the body, and keeping the athlete dry.

This technical fabric also has other major advantages when washing the outfit after training and competing: it can be machine washed without exceeding 30º, and does not need ironing (in fact, it should never be ironed as it is a synthetic fabric). Of course, you should never spin the garments, do not dry clean them, do not bleach them, do not use fabric softeners, use neutral soaps, and do not dry them in the dryer. If you follow our advice, we guarantee that your sportswear will last for many years.

The PULSE range also makes the athlete look good when they are wearing it, with its elegant bluish design that is the same for the patterns for men and women.



What running wear do I need to train and compete in running events?


PULSE short-sleeved or sleeveless running shirts 

Shirts are obviously the essential garments for running. The decision to wear a short-sleeved or sleeveless shirt will depend on the athlete's preferences and the heat involved. Short sleeves provide greater protection from the sun for a sensitive part of the body like the shoulders. Meanwhile, a sleeveless shirt gives a feeling of complete freedom of movement.

Inverse's PULSE range features two shirt models, for both men and women: short-sleeved and sleeveless. This range of running clothes does not fit too closely to the body, and less of its area therefore comes into contact with the body, which in addition to the use of a technical fabric like SUMTEX means that the athlete's body has good breathability and can perspire naturally, avoiding the unpleasant accumulation of sweat and moisture, and keeping the body dry. 


PULSE mesh type loose- or tight-fitting trousers.

For a running athlete, it is essential to wear comfortable, breathable trousers that allow the legs to move with complete freedom, with no discomfort due to friction, and which provide the highest levels of performance in training or in competition.

Shorts should always be worn for enhanced performance. As with the shirts, the decision to wear loose or tight mesh trousers depends on the athlete's preferences and those that they find most comfortable when using them. Nevertheless, the choice of tight mesh shorts will always be the right one for athletes whose skin is most sensitive to chafing.

The Inverse PULSE range has two models of loose or tight running trousers for both men and women.

The loose trousers have an open design and are made of LINX lightweight technical fabric. All this provides complete freedom of movement and a feeling of coolness thanks to the ease of perspiration. A custom elastic waistband enables complete and comfortable fastening. It also has an inner support lining for greater hold and comfort. There is a small internal pocket next to the lining for keys or other small objects.

PULSE tight-fitting shorts, popularly known as mesh shorts, have great elasticity thanks to their technical LYCRA fabric that provide a great fit to the body, and protection against ultraviolet rays and considerable capacity for absorbing and wicking away moisture. An elastic waistband ensures comfortable fastening. And at the end of the leg, there is a microperforated band with a silicone grip on the inside and reflective points on the outside that enhance the athlete's visibility, increasing their safety.


And let's not forget the socks...

Another important item to complete round off your sportswear is socks. We suggest reading our article on "the 10 most important things you should know about sports socks". Inverse has a wide range of socks designed for use in a wide range of sports.



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