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Inverse launches a new range of collectable hydration vests for running and trailrunning on the market, as well as a range of customisable vests providing excellent value for money.

Effective hydration is the difference between good or bad performance in a mountain race. It's not just a question of drinking water to avoid fainting. It's knowing how and when to do it. The rate of intake of drinking water is crucial, especially in long-distance races like the ultra events. A hydration vest is possibly the best and most comfortable and practical way to drink while you are running.

Inverse, a veteran brand of trail running and running garment collections and personalised wear in the market, has developed a wide range of hydration vests that adapt to runners’ hydration needs depending on the race in which they are competing, and are focused on the athlete’s comfort at all times.




Hydration vests have been the hydration system with the most extensive uptake in both training sessions and mountain racing competitions. In fact, rather than a pack, it is really a piece of clothing that has to be extremely light and which ensures complete breathability. Lightness and breathability are guaranteed in Inverse's new range of hydration vests, because they are manufactured from exclusive high-performance sustainable Lycra, made with 100% recycled polyester.

Portability and usability with a wide variety of pockets is another great advantage of hydration vests. All these pockets can be reached with no need to stop, and without removing the vest. Inverse vests even have zippered pockets for extra protection of the items that the runner is carrying.

The entire new range of Inverse hydration vests are supplied with "soft" flasks with various capacities.




Inverse hydration vest sizes range from S/M (58-84 cm) to L/XL (79-100 cm). You can check our size table here.

In terms of capacities, Inverse's range of hydration vests range from 2.5 litres for short-distance races, to 4.5 litres for medium-distance races to 6 litres for long-distance races.

Inverse's 2.5-litre hydration vest weighing 80 grams is one of the most lightweight on the market. The 4.5-litre model weighs 110 grams and the 6-litre model (both the unisex and women's models) weighs 130 grams.




Inverse has had its own trail running team since 2014, which includes some of the best mountain runners on the Spanish and international scene. This team, the Inverse Trail Running Team, aims to raise the profile of this great sport by achieving as many sports goals and challenges as possible.

The team is also a reliable Inverse test laboratory for developing and testing each of the trail running garments that Inverse launches on the market. That's why the new Inverse hydration vests have also been tested by professional mountain runners who run vertical kilometres, half marathons, marathons and ultra events, and who have contributed to improving this new range of hydration vests with their comments.



The entire new range of Inverse hydration vests are UNISEX, for both men and women. But Inverse has developed a hydration vest which is specifically adapted to women's ergonomics with a perfect fit to the female anatomy with an ultra-adjustable belt for each body. This hydration vest has a capacity of 6 litres and is supplied with two 500 ml "Soft" flasks.


Inverse has extensive experience in customising trail running and running wear. That's why it also offers the opportunity to customise hydration vests for teams and clubs for a minimum of 5 items. If you would like a quote, please contact



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