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Inverse launches an innovative high-end cycling outfit: the new Cyclone jersey and bib shorts.

Made with a combination of 4 fabrics, the Cyclone technical jersey is extraordinarily lightweight and extremely tight-fitting, for enhanced aerodynamics and to wick away sweat. The Cyclone shorts are extra-compressive and ultralight, with an anatomical design and straps for total stabilisation.

The new Cyclone jersey and bib shorts make up the ideal outfit for high-level competition cyclists, or for cyclists who need high performance and comfort from their cycling wear. Its high aerodynamic performance, coupled with a very closely fitting design and its high level of breathability, make this outfit extraordinary from the technological point of view. 

The Cyclone cycling jersey is available in 3 colours (blue, red and gold) that are a perfect match for the single Cyclone black bib shorts model.


As a general rule, a cycling jersey must fit closely to the cyclist’s body, so that the garment or the wind does not slow them down while cycling; however, many elite and high competition level cyclists who have a slim build need a jersey that is ultra-light as well as being very tight.

Thanks to the combination of 4 highly efficient technical fabrics (COOLTECH, HIGH FLIGHT, LYCRA ULTRALIGHT and THINK), the Cyclone jersey is extraordinary light, and achieves high performance when wicking away sweat, ensuring the cyclist’s total comfort and maximum performance levels. These technical fabrics also guarantee total elasticity for the Cyclone jersey, for a perfect fit to the cyclist’s body, creating a genuine second skin.

The sleeves of the Cyclone jersey are made with the LYCRA ULTRALIGHT fabric. They have a MAC band trim with an internal grip, ensuring an effective fit to the arm, significantly increasing its aerodynamics.

The back and sides of the Cyclone jersey are made with HIGH FLIGHT super breathable fabric, which because of its open structure quickly wicks away sweat, while keeping the body cool and dry.

The waist of the Cyclone cycling jersey has DOUBLE SHELL trim at the front and a hypoallergenic silicone band on the back. The jersey’s central pocket is the perfect place for storing valuables, as it is waterproof and has a zip. The material used in its manufacture is also reflective, and significantly increases the cyclist’s visibility and safety.

At the front, the Cyclone jersey has one of the best zips on the market: the YKK ANTIPULL, which pulls without a hitch.


The new Cyclone bib shorts are an elegant black colour, making them the perfect match for Cyclone jerseys in red, blue or gold. These cycling bib shorts are compressive and ultralight, which means they are ideal for high level competition and for constant training. Their innovative ergonomic pattern and the elasticity of the fabrics provide complete freedom of movement. The structure of the fabrics means that sweat is quickly wicked away, keeping the body cool and dry.

Cyclone bib shorts have straps with the innovative INVERSE STABILISATION SYSTEM, which guarantees a precise fit to the body, and evenly distributes the weight across the shoulders. These straps are very comfortable, as they have a mesh in the back area, and are flat at the front of the body.

The end of the leg area of the Cyclone shorts has a microperforated band with an inner grip, and reflective dots on the outside to enhance the cyclist’s safety (REFLECTIVE ROUND GRIP). Because these are compressive bib shorts, they keep lactic acid under control and slow down muscle fatigue during exercise.

The Cyclone chamois pad is the OUTLAST SHARK, a high-end pad with three densities that can withstand long exercise sessions. On the outside, this chamois pad is made of COOLMAX, an antibacterial fabric that completely removes any moisture, minimising the chances of skin irritation.