Waterproof jacket RAMP 2018

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Waterproof jacket ALPINE is lightweight and help retain the body heat. It can be used for sport at low temperatures or rain. It has an adjustable waterproof hood with two tensioners.

Data sheet:


Frequent, extended use in the most demanding conditions


Designed for moderately cold weather


Designed for rainy or very humid weather conditions


Designed for intense wind conditions


AEROTECH-FAST is a hydrophilic and thermoregulatory membrane that is highly elastic, lightweight and has a closed structure. It provides complete protection against the elements and wicks away moisture from the body using a system of molecular level electric charges. The garment's breathability adapts to the athlete's level of physical activity. It is waterproof and windproof, as well as thin, lightweight and elastic. The AEROTECH-FAST membrane provides insulation to prevent heat loss in conditions of extreme cold, while providing breathability if the temperature rises to prevent excessive perspiration.

Full-length zipper

This zipper is designed to ensure a perfect fit, and can be unzipped partially or completely to increase breathability and freshness. This zipper also makes it easy to comfortably remove your garment.


Adjustable hood.

Non-chafing fabric

This hard-wearing fabric provides good protection against chafing, which is very useful for outdoor sports and essential for mountain sports.

Thermal fabric

Thermal garments keep your body temperature stable. They also warm you up during cold weather conditions.

Washing instructions

Machine wash cold (30º maximum water temperature). Rinse thoroughly. Do not spin dry. Do not dry clean. Do not use bleach. Use mild soap. Do not use fabric softener. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron.

Water-repellent material

This water-repellent material keeps water out of your garment when it is raining or very humid so that you stay nice and dry.


Wind-resistant fabric keeps air out of your garment and maintains a stable body temperature for the utmost in comfort.

Zippered pocket on the chest

The jacket has a zippered pocket on the chest for a safer storage of the objects carried by the athlète during exercise. It is also used to keep the jacket inside the pocket


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