1.1. Choose the sport

You must first select the sport in order to begin creating your custom sportswear.

1.2. Choose the garment type

After choosing the sport, you can choose the type of garment you want to create.

1.3. Choose the garment model

Many of the custom garments have different models. Select the one that best suits your needs.

1.4. Description of custom clothing

After selecting the garment model, you will see a description of the product. An expandable image also appears, showing all the features of the custom clothing in detail. Depending on the article, you can see the expandable image of the front and rear.


2.1. Basic features of custom clothing

You can see a description of the non-customizable features of the garment in the basic features section. If you pass the mouse over each one, you can see an enlargement of the description.

2.2. Optional features of custom clothing

The next section shows the customizable features. An image and a description of each option appears when you pass the mouse over it. Select the option you would like for each characteristic.

2.3. Fabrics and chamois pads

Finally, if the garment allows, you can choose the fabric and chamois pad.


3.1. Add the product to the basket

In order to save the specifications of the custom garment, you have to add it to the basket.

3.2. Shopping basket

You will see all the clothes you have configured and added to your basket. Each product is accompanied by a summary of the basic features and the options chosen. At this point you can state the amount of each product in order to create the quote.

3.3. Continue selecting

If you choose this option, you can continue to add more custom clothes to the basket.


4.1. Request quote

You will see a summary of all the clothing selected on the request quote page.

You must fill in the form with your personal details and accept the terms of service. You may also add comments to your quote request.

A member of the INVERSE sales team will reply to you within 1 week of you submitting the request.

4.2. Save

If you save the basket, a code will be displayed that you can use to retrieve the entire selection in the future. You can also save your selection in PDF format or share it with your friends on social networks.

Finally, you can edit the selection to add more custom clothing to the basket, or you can request the quote.


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