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Basic Optionals
Ideal cycling skinsuit for speed and cyclocross competition. The lightness and elasticity of its fabrics allow the cycling suit to adapt perfectly to the body, increasing aerodynamics. The open str...
Ideal cycling skinsuit for speed and cyclocross competition. The lightness and elasticity of its fabrics allow the cycling suit to adapt perfectly to the body, increasing aerodynamics. The open structure of the fabrics allow great breathability and keep the skin dry and fresh.  It's lower panels adapt perfectly to the body and provide an unparalleled fit. Their fabric keeps lactic aci At the end of the leg it has a perforated band with a silicone grip inside and with reflective dots outside. We have a wide range of pads so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The sublimation process ensures that the colours do not lose their intensity with use and over time. Environmentally friendly dyes are used during the customization.d under control, delaying muscle fatigue during exercise and provides excellent protection from ultraviolet rays.
40 cm.

Closed 40 cm YKK zipper. Its fastening mechanism ensures that it never gets caught in the fabric. Its safety, quality and durability make it the best zipper on the market.

The zipper can help provide a better fit for clothing, make using it easier or can close a pocket.

Reflective round grip

The round MAC is a piece of LYCRA measuring about 7.5 cm at the end of the leg. It has hypoallergenic silicone dots on the inside and reflective dots on the outside. Its main function is to provide a tight fit for the garment, so that it retains its position and does not cause the athlete discomfort. This piece increases comfort and security and provides a more attractive design.

The band provides a better fit for the garment so that it retains its position, providing the athlete with greater comfort.

No pocket

The garment has no pocket

Pockets are an ideal accessory for transporting various objects without discomfort to the athlete.

LYCRA long sleeve

The sleeve, made entirely of LYCRA, ensures that the piece fits the anatomy of the arm completely. It provides increased aerodynamics. The fabric's characteristics also help delay muscle fatigue and speed up their recovery.

The sleeves fit the athlete perfectly, thanks to their pattern. Depending on the fabric and pattern used, they can provide many advantages.


Flat seams are used to join the different parts of the garment. Their structure and thread are ideal to withstand the athlete's demands without causing chafing. By being visible, they also give the garment a more attractive design.

The different parts of the garment are joined together by seams. Their structure and thread make them very resistant.


The trim is made from an elastic fabric at the edge of the collar of the garment. It improves the garment's fit to the body and prevents any chafing. It also gives the garment a more attractive design.

This covers and protects the athlete's neck. Depending on the fabric, it can also provide warmth.


This garment is designed to fit the human body perfectly, conforming to your body’s contours during all different kinds of physical activity and guaranteeing excellent comfort and support.

The shape of the garment varies according to the needs of the sport and the athlete.


Environmentally friendly dyes are used during the customisation.

It is very important that the products used are environmentally friendly.

  • Fabric:

    LYCRA is the global leader in elastic fabrics. This fabric is highly stretchable with excellent recovery power that helps it to maintain its original shape. In addition to being highly breathable, it wicks away moisture, leaving your skin nice and dry. Thanks to its light weight, it fits like a glove and allows for excellent freedom of movement.

    Use expert
    Warm temperatures
    Warm temperatures
  • Fabric:

    THINK fabric has been developed based on elastic microfabric and has been designed for warmer times of the year. It is ultralightweight, is highly resistant to chafing and is very pleasant to the touch. It is a stretch fabric and fits the cyclist's body perfectly, providing a great deal of comfort and convenience. It provides an excellent level of breathability under conditions of extreme heat and keeps the cyclist's body dry and cool.

    Extreme heat
    Extreme heat
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