InverseINVERSE born as CIRO SPORT more than 40 years ago. Its founder, Joaquim Sabaté i Dausà had strong links with sports, presiding Esport Ciclista Barcelona. During his presidency organized more than 900 races, including “SetmanaCatalana de Ciclisme” and “Escalada a Montjuïc”. This connection to the sport helped him meet many professional cyclists and to know their needs.

The experience helped to create in the 90's the brand INVERSE. This is known for the high quality of their garments, made ​​with materials of last generation, and the originality in design.

The company lives by and for cyclists, and since the beginning has made clothing with fabrics and patterns specific to each mode (road cycling, track cycling, MTB, downhill…) and helps cyclists get optimal performance in competitions. Since the inception of the brand has expanded production to other sports such as triathlon, running and cross-country skiing.

To provide the best service, the company has departments of design, pattern making, printing and tailoring, which coordinated and supervised by a rigorous quality control, are able to create comfortable and attractive custom clothing.

Hard work and perseverance have gotten great athletes have chosen to wear the clothes INVERSE, and that the products are present in over 25 countries.The expansion leads to greater contact with the fans who help us to know what the new trends and priorities of the athletes.So we can continue offering the product that best meets the needs of runners.

INVERSE is committed to the athletes and will continue working to modernize, to invent and to improve the products necessary for the practice of sports that make us enjoy.


Ciro Sport s.l
Pol. Ind. Can magarola C.Congost 16, 08100 Mollet del Vallès (Barcelona)
Telf: +34 935 795 021

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