Jessed Hernández: “My sporting dream is to have a good time”

Thursday, 19 de March de 2015

An interview with the great sportsman Jessed Hernández in which he tells us about his roots and his goals for the future as a trail runner. Jessed wears Inverse running and trail wear.

Jessed Hernández was talking to us at the Nordic ski resort of Lles, while filming the new Inverse advertisement for customized cross country skiing sportswear, in which he appears skiing cross country and ski touring.

Jessed lists his upcoming mountain races, starting off the season at the Inverse Vall del Congost Cursa de Muntanya Grand Prix on 22 March.

INVERSE designs and manufactures custom trail running wear. Its R+D department has developed clothing that is renowned among trail runners, which is lightweight and allows the greatest possible freedom of movement. INVERSE technical wear can also withstand inclement weather and obstacles on the ground. All these characteristics are guaranteed with lightweight non-chafing fabrics.



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