For just 77 € plus VAT, Autumn range of custom cycling wear: long sleeve jersey and KIT ELITE 77 tights

Thursday, 06 de September de 2018


Once again, Inverse is launching an irresistible new range of custom wear for cycling during the colder times of year: the outfit ELITE 77 KIT consisting of long-sleeve jersey maillot and tights (long shorts) for only 77 € plus VAT for orders of at least 10 outfits.

The KIT ELITE 77 is manufactured to the same quality criteria as the rest of Inverse's custom outfits for enjoyment of cycling in the colder months. And despite their economical price, both the jersey and tights are made with high quality fabrics and finishes. The offer is only valid from 10 September to 30 November 2018.

The KIT ELITE 77 tights (long bib shorts) include the high quality Inverse CARBONO chamois pad for both men and women, with 3 densities at 120 g/m² - extremely comfortable chamois pads suitable for any type of cycling, on both the road and in the mountains. As a new feature, it incorporates as standard the reflective band with a silicone grip - exclusive to Inverse- that improves safety and visibility when riding at night.

The KIT ELITE 77 is available in high quality isothermal fabrics and an ergonomic pattern for the long-sleeve jersey and tights (long bib shorts) for both men and women. The price also includes the custom design of the outfit, including any colour, graphic or logo that the customer wishes, or the choice from Inverse's wide range of designs in the gallery in our Custom Design application.





This is a technical lightweight long sleeve jersey, with a pattern to fit the anatomy and a combination of breathable and isothermal fabrics which quickly wick away sweat, meaning it dries quickly and retains heat in the body, ensuring high levels of comfort. The fabric at the front acts like a second skin, as it adapts perfectly to the body without leaving any wrinkles. The fabric on the back, wicks away sweat completely, and prevents friction from the wind, optimising the aerodynamics.

Perfectly adaptable elastic fabric cuffs cut with the laser system to guarantee a perfect fit have been added at the end of the sleeves. It also has a full magnetised YKK zipper.

It also has a silicone rubber waistband which keeps it tight to the body, and 3 open pockets in the lower back area.

The heat stamping process ensures that the colours do not lose their intensity with use and over time. Environmentally friendly dyes are used during the customisation.

This long-sleeved jersey will be your best partner in fighting off the summer and autumn chills, and that means you can enjoy long training and competition sessions.

  • Front, sleeves and side fabric: 100% PES. Highly elastic and breathable. This is an isothermal 210 g/m² fabric with an ultraviolet protection factor.
  • Back, pocket and collar fabric: consists of a highly breathable 100% polyester. It is an isothermal 190 g/m² fabric.
  • Silicone rubber waist band. Keeps the jersey firmly next to the body and prevents it from rising.
  • 3 open pockets on the back.
  • Full magnetised YKK zipper.
  • High collar.




Elastic and lightweight cycling tights made with isothermal fabrics, allowing complete freedom of movement. The ergonomic assembly of all the panels means that the bib shorts adapt to all the cyclist's positions.

The isothermal straps are one hundred percent customisable, wick away sweat and maintain the body temperature. These straps are flat to provide optimal support and distribute the weight evenly across the shoulders.

At the end of the leg there is a reflective band with silicone grip for increased safety.

The CARBONO chamois pad is included for both men and women. They are both designed for a perfect fit to the anatomy, and to ensure long sessions of exercise with no discomfort.

The heat stamping process ensures that the colours do not lose their intensity with use and over time. The areas with the most friction are made of non-sublimated original LYCRA to ensure that they keep their properties for a long time. Environmentally friendly dyes are used during the customisation process.

  • Reflective band with a silicone grip
  • Increased safety thanks to the reflective points that surround it.
  • Customisable isothermal straps.
  • Wicks away sweat completely.
  • Ergonomic side panels.
  • Adapt to all the cyclist's positions.
  • CARBONO chamois pad for men and women, with 3 densities and 120 g/m²




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