Inverse outfits the BMC INVERSE TEAM with personalised cycling apparel

Tuesday, 19 de December de 2017

Ropa personalizada ciclismo BMC Inverse team


The prestigious Swiss bicycle brand BMC Switzerland AG, and Inverse, as the leading brand of personalised cycling apparel, have created the new BMC INVERSE TEAM in Spain.

The new BMC INVERSE TEAM will initially consist of David Segura and the Olympian Mayalen Noriega. And in the sports field, it focuses on participating in MTB races and competitions, including the Costa Blanca Bike Race, the Brasil Ride, the Titan Tropic and the Medi Xtrem.

Inverse has outfitted the team with its new Squad 2018 customised cycling apparel. This incorporates major improvements and new features, including the "Reflective Round Grip" which ensures maximum visibility and safety, and the microperforated and sublimation customised straps in the bib shorts, to guarantee maximum breathability and comfort.

The SQUAD 2018 outfit for the BMC INVERSE TEAM consists of a customised short-sleeve jersey, customised bib shorts, a customised long-sleeve cycling jersey, a customised membrane cycling vest, a customised cycling winter jacket, a customised hoodie top, customised winter cycling leg warmers, customised cycling arm warmers, customised cycling gloves and cycling socks from the Inverse collection.

The design of the outfit is completely innovative, and it has been created to give the team maximum visibility in the competitions.

The team is also supported by the Bollé helmets and goggles brand. 


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