An innovative solution for maximum visibility when cycling at night

Tuesday, 19 de December de 2017

Reflective Round Grip Inverse

Inverse incorporates the "Reflective Round Grip" in all its collection and personalised bib shorts for 2018, to guarantee maximum visibility when cycling at night.

Guaranteeing visibility is the greatest source of safety against the constant vulnerability that cyclists constantly experience on the roads. This vulnerability increases during hours without any sunlight and at night, which is often when cyclists have free time for cycling.

That is why a recent study by the Spanish Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) warns that 31% of cyclists do not feel they are in danger when riding a bicycle without any sunlight and in the hours of darkness. The DGT study also says that only 40% of cyclists wear reflective apparel or other items.

In fact, current traffic regulations require cyclists to use reflective items when cycling at night, in bad weather when going through tunnels. There are various reflective materials which are fitted to bicycles, or added to waistcoats and jackets.

But Inverse - which has been an innovator and pioneer in terms of cycling visibility in the past with the incorporation of fluorescent colours in cycling apparel - has decided to incorporate a reflective item in a fundamental part of the cycling outfit which is in continuous movement: bib shorts.

In its new range of bib shorts collections for 2018 (Union, Squad and Meta) and its 2018 personalised cycling apparel, Inverse has incorporated the revolutionary "Reflective Round Grip" that helps cyclists to achieve the maximum visibility, as well as ensuring greater comfort due to being a silicone grip on the inside and its microperforation that improves breathability.

The numerous reflective points on the outside of the grip significantly increase the cyclist's visibility at a distance of 150 metres, thereby achieving greater road safety when cycling at night.

Maximising precaution and visibility both during the day (at Inverse we recommend using customised or collection cycling apparel that incorporates fluorescent colours in both the jersey and the bib shorts) and at night are essential measures for improving a cyclist's road safety. 


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