Inverse presented the new season for its two trail running teams on the Turó de L'Home in the Montseny mountains

Wednesday, 29 de November de 2017

Inverse presented its two trail running teams (Inverse Team Trailrunning and Inverse X-trail) at the summit of the Turó de l'Home (1712 m). This took place during the events surrounding the Sitja del Llop mountain race and the prestigious Montseny Marathon.



With a temperature of 3 degrees below zero and a strong wind, and near the finish line of the legendary "Sitja del Llop", the vertical race to the top of the Turó de l'Home that is the warm-up for the prestigious Montseny Marathon, Inverse presented the members of its two official teams, Inverse Team Trailrunning and Inverse X-Trail, for the 2018 season.

The Inverse Team Trailrunning team includes some of Spain's best mountain runners specialising in various types of races (ultras, marathons, half-marathons and vertical kilometre racing). Many of them were in the team last year: Albert Soley, Andrea Gil, Andreu Simon, Àngels Llobera, Gabriela Sánchez, Carlos Cera, Jessed Hernández, Iu Escolà, Jonatan Mora, Marc Carós and Marta Molist, who was unable to compete last season due to injury.

The Inverse Team Trailrunning team is once again led by the team manager Antonio de Arriba, and this year it also includes new members such as the promising young talents Mireia Pons and Marc Pérez, and Andorra's Lluís Sanvicente.



The brand's second team, Inverse X-Trail, is led by Roger Correm and aims to participate in local mountain races in Catalonia. Joining the team again this season are Ivet Figueras and Roger Tarrés, and the new members are Adrià Mates, Enric Nubió, David Adan, Ferran Canudes, Gisela Carion, Jordi Valles, Marc García and Paula Reixach.

The presentation featured Inverse's new designs for outfits, personalised apparel and collections for 2018. Many of the technological improvements to the new Inverse trail running outfits have been the result of the comments and recommendations made by the members of these two teams.





The presentation of the two teams in the Montseny could not have been more timely, since they could not have done any better than their great wins in the Sitja del Llop vertical race and the Montseny Marathon.

Jonatan Mora of Inverse Team Trail Running came first in the Sitja del Llop race. Jordi Vallés of Inverse X-Trail came third, and in the women's race, Gisela Carrión of Inverse X-Trail came second and Mireia Pons came third.

And the winner of the Montseny Marathon was Jessed Hernández of Inverse Team Trail Running. Jordi Vallés of Inverse X-Trail came third. And in the women's event, Gabriela Sánchez of Inverse Team Trail running came second, and Ivet Figueras of Inverse X-Trail came third.


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