Offer in custom cycling wear: new KIT ELITE 2019 jersey and bib shorts with high quality finishes for only €59.98 plus VAT.

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Monday, 27 de May de 2019

Kit elite 2019 maillot y culotte 02

The offer, featuring the KIT ELITE 2019 jersey and bib shorts for €59.98 plus VAT, includes new higher quality finishes compared to the previous year. The major new development in the jersey is the new Ultralight fabric in the sleeves and the front that provides maximum elasticity and breathability. 

The new KIT ELITE 2019 offer is valid to 31 October, for minimum orders of 10 outfits. The jersey and bib shorts can also be manufactured separately for the price of €29.99 plus VAT per item. The delivery time is 3 weeks after the approval of the design. The price also includes the custom design of the kit, with the possibility of using our wide range of pre-designs from our Custom Design section gallery.

Safety is also one of the strong points of the new KIT ELITE 2019. The cyclist's visibility at night or in low light conditions is guaranteed with Inverse's exclusive reflective features: a microperforated reflective elastic band, with an open "REFLECTIVE ROUND GRIP" structure at the end of the bib shorts leg.

Kit Elite 2019 maillot y culotte 01

The KIT ELITE 2019 jersey and bib shorts outfit is an evolution of the very popular 2018 model. This offer of an economical jersey and bib shorts is a great opportunity for teams and clubs wishing to customise their outfits with high quality finishes and extremely technical fabrics.

Take advantage of this magnificent offer before 31 August, requesting a quote and placing your order quickly through our network of agents and distributors, or to Inverse directly by email export@inverseteams.comThere is also the possibility of buying this collection jersey and bib shorts in our online shop


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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS of the new KIT ELITE 2019 economical jersey and bib shorts:


The new KIT ELITE 2019 economical jersey is an exclusive ultra-light technical jersey, with a more anatomical design and a combination of highly breathable and elastic fabrics that quickly wick away sweat, enabling quick drying and thereby ensuring complete comfort for the cyclist.

The fabric chosen for the front and sleeves is the LYCRA ULTRALIGHT - a fabric that acts as a genuine second skin by adapting anatomically and elastically to the body without any wrinkles, providing comfort and aerodynamics while pedalling on the bicycle.

The fabric selected for the back of the jersey is COOLTECH, a specially designed fabric with a very open structure that completely wicks away sweat and prevents friction from the wind, while also optimising the aerodynamics of the cyclist's hunched position. The seams of the jersey are hidden.

The cuffs of the sleeves incorporate the microperforated MAC GRIP 48, an elastic band with a silicone grip on the inside that ensures the sleeve fits the arm perfectly. The jersey's antipull magnetised zipper is hidden and features the exclusive SKIN PROTECTION system.

There are 3 open pockets in the lower back, made with an elastic fabric providing extra capacity and reinforced stitching to prevent tears.

  • Front fabric and sleeves: LYCRA ULTRALIGHT, a very lightweight elastic fabric with a structure that provides great adaptation to the body and good aerodynamics.
  • Back fabric: COOLTECH, a fabric with a very open structure that provides an excellent level of breathability in extreme heat conditions.
  • Side fabric: HIGH FLIGHT, guaranteeing maximum breathability.
  • A sleeve with a microperforated MAC GRIP 48 elastic band, and a hypoallergenic silicone grip that ensures a tight hold.
  • A waist with a silicone interior that Keeps the jersey firmly next to the body and prevents it from rising.
  • 3 open pockets, reinforced to prevent tearing.
  • Magnet zipper with ANTIPULL flap and SKIN PROTECTION.
  • Low collar.


Kit Elite maillot y culotte 06

Kit Elite 2019 maillot detalle


Highly elastic and lightweight cycling bib shorts that allow total freedom of movement. The ergonomic assembly of all the panels means that the bib shorts adapt to all the cyclist's positions. The fabric used is LYCRA SPORT - a fabric that guarantees elasticity and maximum comfort.

The straps combine a mesh on the back that wicks away sweat and keeps the body dry, and two highly adaptable LYCRA elastic straps at the front. These straps are flat to provide optimal support and distribute the weight evenly across the shoulders.

At the end of the leg, there is an open structure microperforated elastic band with a silicone grip inside and reflective points on the outside for enhanced safety ("REFLECTIVE ROUND GRIP").

The standard chamois pad is the RED CARBON, with different shapes for men and women.  They are both designed for a perfect fit to the anatomy and to ensure long sessions of exercise with no discomfort, and designed for optimal performance over 6 hours. A different chamois pad can be included depending on the performance level required. Inverse has a wide range of chamois pads for all types of cycling and performance.

The heat stamping process ensures that the colours do not lose their intensity with use and over time. The areas with the most friction are made of non-sublimated original LYCRA to ensure that they keep their properties for a long time. Environmentally friendly dyes are used during the customisation.

  • Microperforated reflective band with an inner grip ("REFLECTIVE ROUND GRIP").
  • Great breathability and durability due to being an open structure.
  • Excellent grasp due to the hypoallergenic silicone grip inside.
  • Increased safety thanks to the reflective points that surround it.
  • Mesh straps with elastic bands.
  • Wicks away sweat completely.
  • The 2 flat elastic straps fit perfectly and distribute the weight evenly across the shoulders.
  • Ergonomic side panels.
  • Adapt to all the cyclist's positions.
  • RED CARBON chamois pad for men and women: 3 densities and 120 g/m²


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