LEONIDAS - the new outfits for competing in Spartan and OCR races

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Monday, 22 de July de 2019

Leonidas was a legendary king of the Spartans, and Inverse has named their new outfit for participating in OCR or Spartan Races after him.

Inverse has become a European benchmark in custom wear for competing in races with a Spartan spirit, such as the OCR or the Spartan Race. And now it is launching Leonidas, a new sportswear collection for competing in these sports disciplines individually.

When designing the new Leonidas kit, Inverse has worked with and received suggestions from two great athletes from the world of obstacle courses: Albert Soley and Manuel Di Geronimo. 

With the invaluable help of these two great Spartans, Inverse has designed the new Leonidas range - sportswear specially created for taking part in OCR and Spartan races, which consists of a tight-fitting technical shirt and special shorts for competing, as well as a running or casual training shirt.

Albert Soley is undoubtedly a benchmark in the Spartan Race world, and is one of the leading Spanish and international ambassadors for these events. As José Manuel González, director of the OCR Master digital media points out: "Albert Soley has won everything there is to win in the last 3 years, except for the last two editions of the Spartan Race in Valencia and the European and World Spartan Race Championships (...) Albert Soley - any event he takes part in, he wins. He doesn't need labels, he doesn't need any more praise, he simply needs to be allowed to do what he likes best, to run, and for us to enjoy it."

And Manuel Di Geronimo is a benchmark in Italy and Europe for Spartan Race training and sports culture. Manuel Di Geronimo has been passionate about these races since 2014, and is one of the most active athletes in Italy and Europe in this sport discipline, having competed in more than 100 events, including Spartans and OCRs. Manuel is also a well-known proponent, coach and trainer of athletes wishing to enter the world of obstacle races. 

The new Leonidas collection consists of a tight-fitting OCR technical shirt, a running shirt and OCR shorts. Leonidas is based on the Inverse HARD range of custom crosstraining outfits.

Leonidas OCR shirt with a very tight fit

The very tight fitting Leonidas OCR shirt is especially designed for taking part in Spartan and OCR races. Made with 3 different technical fabrics (Cooltech, Lycra and Think), this shirt guarantees maximum perspiration at all times, and fits perfectly to the body thanks to the elasticity of its fabrics. The Lycra sleeves have an inner grip and provide complete comfort. There is a piece of a resistant fabric on the shoulders, and a grip to be able to comfortably deal with objects in the obstacles. It has a front zipper for increased ventilation, and two side pockets ideal for carrying energy bars. The fabrics are anti-abrasion to withstand the obstacles the athlete comes across during the race.

Leonidas short sleeve running shirt

The Leonidas short-sleeved running shirt is a very lightweight technical running shirt, ideal for training and competition. It SUMTEX technical fabric ensures moisture is completely wicked away, leaving the skin dry and cool. It is also quick-drying, offering the athlete unsurpassed comfort. Its anti-bacterial properties and softness to the touch make this shirt the perfect garment for long exercise sessions.

Leonidas OCR Shorts

Leonidas OCR Shorts are ideal for Spartan Race competitions. Manufactured with Lycra Icona technical fabric, these shorts guarantee maximum elasticity and perfect breathability. The lightweight technical fabric and the design of its pattern provides great freedom of movement and its compressive strength increases muscle recovery. It has an elastic waistband for complete and comfortable fastening of the shorts. It is made up of flat seams that increase the athlete's comfort while providing an attractive design. It has a pocket on each side, and a LYCRA band with silicone surrounding the leg. It is the perfect garment for the summer and at times of high temperatures.


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