Wednesday, 13 de June de 2018

Inverse has again had the privilege of designing and making the jersey and bib shorts for the Third International Cycle Tour Event, La Cerdanya Cycle Tour 2018, which will be held in the town of Alp on 2 September 2018.

La Cerdanya Cycle Tour 2018 has become one of the summer's most important cycling tourist events, thanks to the spectacular Pyrenees landscape in the Catalan region of La Cerdanya.

This international cycling tour has three routes for the 2018 edition: the Endurance tour of 175 km, the Medial tour of 140 km, and the Sport tour of 86 km. The event's website contains all the information about it you may need.

Given Inverse's experience in the design and manufacture of custom cycling wear for merchandising and major cycling events, La Cerdanya Cycle Tour has once again entrusted the company with the design and manufacture of the official jersey and bib shorts of La Cerdanya Cycle Tour 2018. The jersey and bib shorts can be purchased in the merchandising section of the La Cerdanya Cycle Tour 2018 website.

The technical specifications of the La Cerdanya Tour 2018 jersey and bib shorts are as follows:

JERSEY Marcha cicloturista La Cerdanya Cycle Tour 2018

  • Jersey made of AIRTEX fabrics, microfiber filaments and Dual Comfort System finishes that give this garment elasticity, resistance, smoothness to skin contact and excellent breathability.
  • Sleeves made up entirely of LYCRA SPORT ensuring a complete adjustment to the arm’s anatomy, providing greater aerodynamics and delaying muscle fatigue to accelerate recovery.
  • Hypoallergenic silicone waistband with open zipper and 3 back pockets.
  • The jersey will be collected together with the bib number

BIB SHORTS marcha cicloturista La Cerdanya Cycle Tour 2018


The MAC round is a piece of LYCRA of about 7.5 cm. which is placed at the end of the leg. In its interior it has points of hypoallergenic silicone and in its extrerior it has reflective points to increase the security. Its main function is to adjust the garment well to the leg so that it does not lose position and does not bother the athlete. This piece increases comfort and provides a more attractive design.


This garment adapts perfectly to the anatomy of the human body and to the positions it adopts during sports. Ensures excellent comfort and comfort.


The LYCRA is the elastic fabric par excellence. It is characterized by its ability to stretch several times to the extent of its size and return to its original form. It is a fabric with great breathability that also absorbs moisture from the body leaving the athlete’s skin dry. Its lightness allows great freedom of movement and greater adjustment.



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