Monday, 11 de June de 2018

Trisuit Kaus Inverse 2018

The new Kaus triathlon suits from Inverse for men and women are inspired by the cubism of Picasso and the Mediterranean colours of Joan Miró. They are hypnotic triathlon suits, providing a unique level of visibility which with the quality of fabrics and finishes make them unique.

If you are daring and if you like original and exclusive designs, then the new Kaus triathlon suits from Inverse are certainly for you. Triathlon suits with a perfectly contrasted and effective aerodynamic pattern.

The elasticity of the fabrics and the flat seams used in their manufacture guarantee total comfort for triathletes who want a triathlon suit that will help them to be highly competitive.

The new Kaus triathlon suits are ultralight but have high performance levels for facing the most demanding tests and competitions. The Teflon finish of our exclusive high-range Planitum fabric helps it to repel water completely, and will not slow triathletes down during swimming events.

Mono de triatlón Kaus Inverse 2018

The Lycra band with silicone around the leg (Round Mac Grip) ensures that the garment remains in position at all times to prevent a loss of aerodynamics. The men's suit has a high-quality YKK rear zipper which comes as standard, with a zipper pull that provides speed and comfort for taking the garment off as quickly as possible.

Now is the time to try new things - now is the time to use with a triathlon suit like the Kaus from Inverse.

Trifonction Kaus Inverse 2018



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