Inverse is working with the Pegasus Sport Foundation and the OCR Master website on the sale of an OCR outfit

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Tuesday, 15 de January de 2019

Inverse is selling the shirt, mesh trousers and hair band of the Pegasus Sport Foundation - which has "my way isn't normal" as its motto - through its online store

According to the OCR Master website, "the Pegasus Sport Foundation was established based on the experiences of David Rodríguez, a young man from Madrid who never wanted to think of his disability as a burden, but instead as a virtue that drives him to live life to the fullest extent possible. And that's how he describes Pegasus: as a way of life."

The Pegasus Sport Foundation project involves creating social change with the great values that a sport like OCR provides, which are so characteristic of our sport. This wonderful Madrid-based foundation's policy involves moving away from the usual funding model, in which foundations are often based on the concept of charity and sympathy.

This led to the project for a full high quality OCR kit consisting of a T-shirt, mesh trousers and a hair band was born. 100% of the sales margin from the T-shirts, mesh trousers and hair bands will be used to fund the projects of the Pegasus Sport Foundation.

This Pegasus Sport Foundation project has received selfless backing from the athletes Albert Soley and Laura Salas, ambassadors for the Inverse brand.



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