Monday, 17 de December de 2018

After a 2018 season full of sports successes, in the past November the new Inverse Team Trail Running for the 2019 season was publicly presented at the Poble Espanyol in Barcelona.

As part of the “Let's Snow BCN”, the Barcelona Skiing and Mountain Sports Festival held in the unbeatable venue of the Poble Espanyol in Barcelona, the new Inverse Team Trail Running was presented for the 2019 season.

The new team includes veteran sportspeople from previous editions such as Jessed Hernández, Àngels Llobera, Gisela Carrión, Mireia Pons, Gaby Sánchez, Marta Molist, Jonatan Mora, Iu Escolà, Albert Soley and David Adan.

The new members of the Inverse trail running team are the young promise Arnau Aranda and the Andorran Pere Riba. The manager remains in the figure of Antonio de Arriba, very well known in the trail running world with his nickname of “Abuelo”.

In addition, the design and cut of the new Inverse trail running strip have been radically changed in line with the new designs of the INVERSE customised trail running clothes for 2019. The blues for men and pinks and lilacs for women have given way to a unified strip in black and red to make the team stand out.

For the moment, only the replica of the INVERSE CRIVETZ sweatshirt is available for men and women. In the coming months, the team shirt and trousers will come on sale in the trail section of INVERSESHOP, the INVERSE online store. 


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