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Inverse will automatically give you a set of Lanzarote Shiny Yellow sports sunglasses by the renowned brand BLOOVS for purchases of over €200 in our store With a magnificent set of five lenses, these glasses are worth €59, and are also available for purchase in our online store.

Inverse adds the new Lanzarote Shiny Yellow and Lanzarote Dark Temptation sports sunglasses by Bloovs to its online store They are magnificent multipurpose sunglasses for sports including cycling, triathlon, running, skiing and athletics.

Starting on March 5, with any purchase of Inverse cycling, triathlon, running, trail running, swimming or skiing garments amounting to over €200, Inverse will automatically give you a set of Lanzarote Shiny Yellow sports sunglasses while stocks last.

Lanzarote Shiny Yellow sports sunglasses by Bloovs are undoubtedly unique: they are some of the sports sunglasses with the most features on the market, thanks to the exclusive TR90 frame, the set of 5 lenses, the exclusive myopia adjustment kit, and the hard-wearing travel carry case.

Lanzarote Shiny Yellow sports sunglasses by Bloovs, with a market value of €59, are part of the new Bloovs Eyewear collection. The Bloovs Eyewear sports sunglasses collection, now sold by Inverse through its online store, is designed for sports enthusiasts, which makes it a product that is a perfect fit for Inverse's philosophy and clients involved in cycling, triathlons, running, athletics, trail running, swimming and skiing.

The frames of the Lanzarote sunglasses in the Bloovs Eyewear collection are manufactured in TR90, which makes the sports sunglasses highly resistant model and the ideal companion on adventures.

The non-slip coating on the arms ensure they stay perfectly in place during your sports activities, and their lightweight frame makes your experience as complete as possible. The curve at the front prevents light from entering at the sides, ensuring your comfort during sport.

The sunglasses come with four additional lenses so that you can adapt your sunglasses to different weather conditions. As well as the mirrored lens, there are polarised black, blue, yellow and completely transparent lenses.

An additional feature is the myopia kit to make adjustments when necessary, thanks to the nose anchoring system.

Product specifications:

  • TR90 frame: light, durable and very resistant.
  • Set of 5 lenses. Adapt your sunglasses to different weather conditions.
  • Myopia kit for adjustment to prescriptions.
  • Hard-wearing travel carry case.



Red lens: brightens up colours by filtering out white and violet light, and partially filtering green light, thereby improving contrast in vision. Red lenses are ideal in situations where light is limited (very cloudy days or when doing sport at night) as they increase contrast and visual perception.

Mirrored lens: this includes a second layer in the lens. This provides enhanced opacity, or in other words, reduces the amount of reflected light reaching the eyes. This makes this type of lens ideal for situations with a great deal of exposure to the sun, such as skiing and racing in high mountains.

Polarised black lens: the sun's rays disseminate in all directions, and when they bounce off a horizontal surface (asphalt, water, snow) it they generate polarised light, which is a very intense shimmer that is uncomfortable for the eyes. This lens is able to reduce this dazzle, while easing ocular fatigue at the same time. It is ideal for sailing and cycling (especially on the road) ... The perfect lens for any situation that may lead to reflections or dazzling.

Blue lens: there are some situations when we are exposed to a high level of yellow light. This can be extremely irritating for the eyes. In this type of situation, this blue lens helps us to neutralise the effect of this yellow light and reduce the ocular fatigue that it creates.

Transparent lens: this lens is for use on cloudy days, when protection from the sun is not required, but a screen that protects the eyes from possible impact against branches, splashing, etc. is needed.

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