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INVERSE is launching its new Work Out range of custom wear for fitness and gyms, manufactured with high quality technical fabrics that provide maximum breathability..

Inverse's new Work Out range of clothing for gyms and fitness can be customised using innovative heat stamping technology. Any design can be applied to clothing using this technique, unlike traditional screen printing.

An increasing number of gyms and sports facilities are offering the various disciplines within fitness. And gyms - both public and private - are increasingly becoming the epicentre of the social relationships of the people who participate in activities there. This encourages members to take part in sports where levels of participation are high, and they need to be clearly visible. Of course, many gyms need to be able to provide technical sportswear that is suitable for the fitness activities that take place on their premises, as well as for marketing and corporate image reasons and to provide a high quality service. 

Inverse has extensive experience in manufacturing custom outfits for many types of sports, dating back to 1969. Its extensive knowledge and technology in custom wear for cycling, triathlons, running, trail running, swimming and athletics has enabled it to launch the new Work Out range of custom wear for gyms and fitness, made using technical fabrics and innovative heat stamping technology.

Any type of graphic design specified by the client can be used in the heat stamping process, whether it is provided by the client themselves, or designed by the specialist custom wear design department at Inverse.

The heat stamping technique also ensures that the colours of the outfit's design do not fade or disappear with use and the passing of time. This is not the case with screen printing, which also only allows a very limited degree of customisation in terms of colours and designs. Each outfit can be fully customised in heat stamping, using environmentally friendly dyes that do not cause any allergic reactions.

The wide range of Work Out custom wear for gymnastics and fitness is designed for the most classic and latest fitness disciplines: Core Training (also known as Cxworx), Bosu, Body Jam, TRX, CrossFit, Lift-training (also called Body Pump), Jukari (created by the Cirque du Soleil), Jump Classes, Tumbling (also known as Power Jump), Functional training, Aerobox, TaeBo, Kickboxing, Body Vive, Zumba, Sh'Bam, Body Combat, Spinning (also called stationary cycling, RPM or Indoor cycling), Stretching, Step (Body Step), Pilates, Aerobics, Yoga and Fitball and Exercise Ball techniques. 

Indeed, many renowned athletes and Inverse sports ambassadors have used Inverse running wear for training in the gym as a complement to their sports activities. This has enabled Inverse to design a specific range of custom fitness wear thanks to the technical feedback provided by elite athletes.

Inverse can produce custom fitness wear for small and large gyms. Ten items is the minimum number of garments when requesting a custom fitness wear quote, and only the upper or lower part of the outfit can be customised.

The graphic design of the outfit can be provided by the client, or it can be designed by the expert design department at Inverse, using the logos, colours, images or graphic illustrations that the client provides for the customisation. On its website, Inverse also offers the Custom Design tool, where hundreds of design proposals are available for clients who need ideas for the design of their outfits.

The pattern design of Inverse custom fitness wear uses technical fabrics that ensure that any sweat or moisture is completely wicked away, keeping the athlete's skin dry and fresh at all times. This all ensures maximum comfort for athletes. But the differences between sportswear traditionally used in gyms and Inverse's custom fitness wear do not end there: the fabrics used by Inverse also have antibacterial properties and are very soft to the touch, making contact with the skin very pleasant.

The pattern designs of all items of Inverse custom wear are designed to be as lightweight as possible, and provide the utmost freedom of movement in fitness disciplines. Inverse's extensive Work Out range of custom wear for gyms and fitness is as follows:


And as a complement, Inverse also offers the following custom wear:


Deliveries will be made within 4 weeks of the design being approved and the order confirmed. If you would like a quote, please contact us at, or call +34 93 579 50 21. You can also ask for an online quote via our website Inverse also has an extensive network of commercial agents and distributors in Spain and internationally. 


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